Quicker Data Parsing and Transformation

Minutes instead of hours

Optimized Report Generation Process

Improved productivity

Faster Time-To-Insight

Effective decision-making

 Treasure Health Uses Astera Centerprise 7.5 to Improve Report Generation and Bridge the Communication Gaps !

Treasure Health is a leading non-profit organization that offers various healthcare services and support programs across several counties in California. The foundation has partnered with numerous clinics, pharmacies, hospitals, testing laboratories, counselor services, funeral services, and more. Each of these partners sends a large number of patient-based data files for recordkeeping and extracting critical insights for patient care.

The organization previously generated reports through SAP Crystal Reports. This process was time-consuming as it required manually mapping data from its Electronic Medical Records (EMR) solution, MUMMS Software. Moreover, users experienced difficulties in creating custom reports due to the time and effort required for mapping new fields in excel files.

The non-profit was looking for a solution to optimize the report generation process and maintain a history of all the records in a database. Leveraging Centerprise’s workflow creation capabilities, the NGO was able to solve this problem and maximize report generation process efficiency.  Moreover, they capitalized on the solutions’ advanced data parsing and transformational capabilities to improve productivity and reduce time-to-insights.

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