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What is EDI 100 Insurance Plan Description?

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) involves the exchange of business documents in a standard format between a healthcare provider and a payer. Using EDI in insurance allows healthcare providers to send and receive information faster while reducing administration costs.

EDI 100 Insurance Plan Description is an X12 transaction set that is used to transmit information related to:

  • Life Insurance
  • Annuities
  • Availability of disability insurance products
  • Features of disability insurance products
  • Investment options
  • Historical performance
  • Distributions channels
  • Investment options
  • Company information

The information in the document is organized in data elements and segments in accordance with the specifications of the EDI 100 insurance transaction set.

Workflow for the Exchange of EDI 100 Insurance Plan Description

Businesses can use insurance-related EDI X12 transaction sets to streamline the process of claim handling and exchange insurance documents with their insurance provider. Most insurance vendors use EDI 100 Insurance Plan Description to automatically send a summary of the insurance plan when a customer subscribes to an insurance plan.  However, to receive X12 EDI documents, businesses need an EDI solution that can help them validate, parse, and translate EDI messages.

Stay EDI Compliant with EDIConnect

EDIConnect facilitates the exchange of EDI insurance documents by allowing businesses to translate as well as construct EDI messages. EDIConnect simplifies the process of sending and receiving EDI messages, and it is specifically designed to handle X12 and EDIFACT transaction sets. It also offers features to create workflows to further streamline the process of exchanging EDI messages for businesses.

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