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What is an EDI 102 Associated Data Document?

An EDI 102 Associated Data document is used to send associated data. Associated data is defined in the form of an object containing functionally related information different from the usual transaction set structure found in segments. This object may contain the following:

  • A unique piece of information that identifies the object
  • Objects which may include text, graphic, image, audio, parametric, spectral, tabular data

The complete set of information containing the unique identifier and the object is defined as a package.

The character set repertoire of an object is not affected when another transaction set in the interchange has a different character set repertoire.

Workflow for the Exchange of an EDI 102 Associated Data Document

This transaction set can be used to send or receive transactions that contain data in the form of audio, images, graphics, tabular, parametric, etc.  It is, however, not media-dependent or restricted to a specific transmission protocol.

Associated data can be linked to other transaction sets also. Interchanges may include functional groups comprising of packages, transaction sets, or both. However, a single Associated Data transaction set can send only one package.

An EDI 102 document can also be linked to other business transactions to augment functional data. However, reference of the object to the associated data must be provided. An object identification number should be assigned to avoid any confusion. Multiple references for related transactions or objects are also allowed.

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