What is an EDI 141 Product Service Claim Response?

An EDI 141 responds to a product service claim. The status of the claim is transmitted using an EDI 141, along with the items accepted and rejected for payment from the product service claim. The service claim submission can either represent the repair of different individual products, or several repair actions, including parts and labor.

The data contents and format of the EDI Product Service Claim Response are used within the context of an electronic data interchange environment. The data segments generally contain the following information:

  • Date the product was sold
  • Date of delivery
  • Product model
  • Serial number

Workflow for the Exchange of an EDI 141 Product Service Claim Response

An EDI 141 Product Service Claim Response is issued in response to an EDI 142 Product Service Claim. Information is exchanged between the user of the product(s) and the manufacturer, which informs about the status of the product service claim. It also provides details of the list of items that have been accepted or rejected for the claim.

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