What is an EDI 561 Contract Abstract?

The EDI 561 transaction set can be utilized in the following ways:

  • To summarize a new contract
  • To summarize an alteration regarding a previously outlined contract
  • To revise a formerly conveyed summary

This two-way functioning transaction set incorporates the details needed:

  • To manage a contract, entailing the alteration and adjustments to that contract
  • To establish a verification process to manage the administration process of the contract

This EDI document is utilized inside a business body as a post-grant administrative report when buying and contract administrative capabilities are isolated inside a business body.

The data contents and format of EDI 561 Contract Abstract are used for the electronic interchange of information. It is divided into various segments and data elements.

Workflow for the Exchange of an EDI 561 Contract Abstract

EDI 561 falls under the category of X12M Supply Chain transaction set. This transaction set can be utilized to restate another agreement, modify a formerly summarized contract, or revise a formerly communicated abstract. This two-way functioning transaction set incorporates the data required to oversee an agreement, including adjustments and amendments, and provides an affirmation system to empower administration of the contract organization process. This transaction set is regularly utilized by a business body as a post-grant administrative report, when the acquiring and contract administrative functions are isolated inside that organization.

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