What is an EDI 997 Functional Acknowledgment?

One of the ANSI X12 transaction sets, EDI 997 is the electronic version of a receipt that is sent in response to an EDI 850 Purchase Order, EDI 810 Invoice, or any other transaction set. The transaction set only notifies the sender that their document arrived and was processed by the recipient. It does not indicate whether the receiver accepted the order placed or prices proposed. In some instances, the EDI 997 functional acknowledgement document may indicate the acceptance or rejection of the document sent.

An EDI 997 document has the following key data elements:

  • AK1 – This is the GS or Group Acknowledgement segment.
  • AK2 – This is the ST or Document Acknowledgment segment.
  • AK3 – This segment reports errors in specific segments of the document received.
  • AK4 – This segment reports errors in specific elements of the document received.
  • AK5 – This segment outlines the type of acknowledgement.
  • AK9 – This is the Group Response segment.

EDI 997 Functional Acknowledgment Sample

An EDI 997 functional acknowledgement document is divided into functional groups that explain the transaction being conducted. A typical EDI 997 document looks like this:













AK9*R*000001*000001*000 00000001~


Workflow for the Exchange of an EDI 997 Functional Acknowledgment

The process of electronic data interchange of an EDI 997 starts with an 850 purchase order, 810 invoice, or any other document being sent to the trading partner. Upon receiving the EDI document, the trading partner will send an EDI 997 functional acknowledgement to the sender. This document will serve as the acceptance or rejection notification.

The typical reasons of the rejection of a purchase order include violation of character length requirements, invalid data, or incomplete or missing data in mandatory segments.

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