Creative Agency Tender Document

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At Astera Software, we help Fortune 500 companies, industry giants, and enterprises at every level in between bridge the gap between raw data and insights with intuitive, end-to-end data management solutions.

From idea to product, we keep the needs of our customers in mind so that they can spend less time managing data and more time using it.

In 2021, we’re looking to take that mission statement one step further. We have a raft of new data solutions in the pipeline, and we need YOUR help to make their launch as successful as possible. We’re looking for a digitally focused marketing and design agency that can  deliver on the following objectives:

Scope of Work

  • Take a lead role in the ideation and creation of videos that will support the launch and ongoing marketing of our products.


  • Oversee the design and creation of various pieces of marketing collateral which would be used to create TOTF engagement for our products across social media and other digital channels.


  • Assist in organic marketing efforts including On-page and Off-page SEO, Content Creation, and Banner Ads.


  • Support overall planning and execution of a cohesive digital marketing strategy that would help us get the word out on our products in the most effective way possible.


  • Help drive social media marketing efforts by offering creative recommendations as well as assistance in content development for brand’s multiple channels.

Eligibility Criteria for Agencies

  • Applicants must be based in Karachi as there will be a requirement for on-site collaboration and coordination.


  • Applicants should have the necessary equipment for on-site filming, as well as experienced technical staff that can film/edit/animate content according to the specifics of each script. Remember, we’re looking for a true creative partner here, so the more input your team can provide the better.


  • Applicants should have experienced graphic design staff on-hand that can take an active role in creative brainstorming and development of marketing collateral.


  • Applicants should have at least 5-10 multinational/US-based clients with a portfolio showcasing video and graphic design work that has been created for these organizations.


  • Applicants should have experience in various segments of digital marketing including but not limited to SEO, Content Writing, Copywriting, PPC Advertising, Social Media Marketing, and Video Marketing.


  • Applicants should have prior experience ideating and designing content for organizations operating in highly technical fields (software industry preferred). Please provide references for these clients.


  • Applicants should have the capability to deliver output on a timely and consistent We will prioritize those companies that have transparent processes in place for client communications and work scheduling.

Be Our Partner

To be considered as our partner, all agencies must submit their expression of interest by

3pm on Monday, 22 March 2021 to Iqbal Ahmed Alvi at and Fiza Baig at


This proposal must include:


  1. A compelling statement around why you have the experience and expertise to help us achieve our ambitions (relevant links to your portfolio should be included here).


  1. A design proposal for an infographic based around one of the following blogs:


  1. An end-to-end concept for an explainer video or general interest video that could be built around one of the aforementioned blogs. (Please note the blog that you are using for reference)


  1. An indication of the fees that would be charged for completion of each of these proposals. We understand that estimates may vary depending on the specifics of the deliverable but try to be as accurate as possible with these quotes.

Submissions will be judged based on creativity, approach, relevance, and demonstrated understanding of digital engagement.

All shortlisted candidates will be approached directly to discuss terms for a full partnership agreement no later than March 31st.

Please note, Astera Software will not pay agencies to tender – all work and time spent is at your own risk. For an informal discussion, please contact Iqbal Ahmed Alvi on