PDF-Based Data Extraction Made Easy with Astera ReportMiner

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Businesses have used PDF format for exchanging data because of its convenience and reliability. However, manual extraction of data from PDFs is a challenging task. Some of the commonly exchanged PDF documents include purchase orders, invoices (such as EDI 850 invoice), financial statements, and valuation reports. In this blog, we discuss how businesses can liberate important business data from PDFs through the process of PDF data scrapping and automated data extraction.

Challenges of PDF Data Extraction

Many businesses find data extraction from PDF documents challenging as they are in an unstructured format. Previously, businesses relied on the IT department to perform this task, increasing the burden on IT personnel, which led to delays in data exchange.

In most cases, the requirement is to extract data not from only one, but a batch of similarly structured files. In this case, manual extraction of data from PDFs is not only time-consuming but can also lead to errors. A data extraction tool can reduce the manual effort required and save time by automating extraction from PDF documents.

Since an organization receives PDF documents in different formats such as text-based PDFs and PDF forms, a desirable data extraction solution should be able to deal with all kinds of PDFs.

How Astera ReportMiner Makes PDF-Based Data Extraction Painless?

Astera offers a data extraction solution for all PDF-based documents. ReportMiner’s automated data extraction features make it easy to create and deploy end-to-end integration solution for any use case involving data extraction from PDF sources.

Featuring a user-friendly interface, the solution design is based on a visual, drag-and-drop environment and does not require any form of coding or scripting.

  • Text-based PDFs: Astera ReportMiner can read directly through text-based PDFs and extract the required data based on the designed extraction template.
  • PDF Forms: In some cases, businesses also deal with PDF Forms to collect important information such as customer details. Astera ReportMiner enables extraction of data from these forms and makes critical business data available for further use.

Crucial business data is often trapped in PDF documents. Astera ReportMiner data extraction software enables businesses to liberate data from different types of PDFs with its extensive data extraction features. Streamlined PDF template-based data extraction, combined with the ability to automate the process, helps businesses save time and gain access to mission-critical information promptly.

Download our whitepaper, ‘Liberating Data from PDF Documents’ to learn how Astera ReportMiner can help businesses in extracting business data for further processing.