Meet Astera Centerprise

A Unified Code-Free Data Integration Platform to Automate ETL Projects and Bring Harmony to Your Enterprise Data.

End-to-End Integration for your Data Initiatives

Customer 360 Data Integration

Customer 360 Data Integration

Consolidate and visualize data from internal and external sources including APIs, databases, CRM systems, and flat files to build a comprehensive view of customer activities across every channel.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions

Combine data from corresponding systems, processes and services in different locations to form a unified reporting structure that gives you the insights you need on cross-enterprise functions.

Unstructured Data Extraction

Unstructured Data Extraction

Create template-based report models to capture unstructured data from PDF documents, invoices, and other sources. Validate and enrich extracted data and load it to a destination of your choice.

Partner Data Onboarding

Partner Data Onboarding

Build a dynamic data pipeline that can onboard data in a variety of file types, formats and layouts. Automatically check, validate, and standardize partner data and feed it into your reporting systems.

Syncing Enterprise Databases

Syncing Enterprise Databases

Whether you’re backing up your cloud database to an on-premise server or creating a real-time data warehouse from various stream of data across the enterprise. Astera Centerprise’s CDC and automation features will help you keep disparate systems working in harmony.

Key Features

Engineer ETL/ELT Pipelines in Minutes

Retrieve data from source, shape it to meet your enterprise needs, and deliver it to an application or database of your choice for further analysis, all with our end-to-end data management solution.

One Platform, Multiple Solutions

From data extraction and preparation to validation, aggregation, and change data capture – we provide a unified platform that allows you to get intelligible insights from your business data without switching between multiple applications.

Orchestrate Your Enterprise Data

Sequence and automate all of your data-driven processes with Centerprise’s workflow orchestration and job scheduling capabilities. Get high-quality data in the hands of your decision-makers with minimal oversight.

Data Integration with Confidence

Validate the outcomes of your prototypes and ensure seamless data delivery with real-time debugging and data preview options.

Go Codeless

Simplify design and deployment of your data integration jobs with our intuitive, no-code interface that allows business users to take control of their complex data processes with minimal IT intervention.

In-Depth Documentation and Responsive Support

Refer to our extensive product documentation or reach out to our knowledgeable staff with your queries via email, phone, chat, or online meeting. Our support team is incredibly responsive and will walk you through the best solution for your project.

Our Customers

Reliance Trust
Raymond James
Aspen Medical Products
AmTrust Financial
Goldfeins Claims management

Mario Ferrer

We used to have data integration processes that took 2 weeks for one person to complete. And when I built these mappings in Centerprise, it went down to 5 minutes.

– Mario Ferrer, Senior Data Architect

Mario Ferrer

Hayder Mir, Ciena Corporation

ReportMiner has saved us a lot of time. Whereas one purchase order (PO) was taking up to 30 minutes to manually enter the data, it now takes less than 2 minutes to complete regardless of how many line items the PO has.

– Hayder Mir, Sr. Manager, Custom Applications

Hayder Mir, Ciena Corporation
I've found Centerprise to be one of the most comprehensive and robust data integration tools in the market. It provides an endless number of great features to address any data transformation need.

Marcelo Keppy

Database Administrator, Goddard Systems

Centerprise met all our criteria for high development productivity, excellent performance, workflow design, and process automation.

Bola Olusanya

Managing Director Vanderbilt University

Great Concept, Easy to Use. ReportMiner is a great product. It's extremely customizable to meet many different needs, and customer service has always been outstanding when I've needed help.

Michael Corrigan

Prof. Services Analyst, Xerox

Because of Astera we have been able to evolve and manage our EDW which has data from multiple sources today and is being used across our organization. It offers much easier and faster development time, with better interface.

Ashwin Marwah

Sr. Director, BI | Sinclair Broadcast Group

We are using it in Data Migration project to move data from legacy applications to state of the art applications. It is being used by projects under the Data Migration programs. Being used to migrate HR data, CRM data, ERP data, etc. Offers short learning curve for any ETL developer, easier licensing for various modules, shorter development cycle, and has very prompt, pro-active, 24/7 support.

Munshi Alam

Managing Partner | Accelerant, Inc.

The Centerprise product is very well suited for business analysts to easily manage and create custom workflows and models to automate complex data integration. The Astera products make extracting data from a PDF a simple and straight forward process, which makes ingestion and integration with other systems a breeze that simplifies workflows and complexity. Centerprise helps save significant development resources, expedite project timelines, and reduce project cost.

Jeffrey Wilson

App Dev& Support Engineer III | Conduent

What was previously created with a lot of lines of code, today is done in this tool with a couple of clicks. It is super easy to use, you just have to be clear about the whole picture and the tool takes you by the hand, has many functions and is well distributed, the interface is friendly.

Felix Flores

Project Leader | Corporación Estelio

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