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Astera Turnkey Data Warehouse Solution

Making BI accessible to all.

Does your business want to build a data warehouse for BI reporting and analytics?

Building a BI architecture that provides speed, scalability, and agility requires the right strategy and effective investment. With our end-to-end turnkey data warehouse service, you can design and implement a fully functional data warehouse in just weeks. From selecting the ideal platforms for deployment to engineering in-depth data models, we handle the heavy lifting and build a customized DW to suit your use case.

How it Works


Share the specifics of your requirements, data sources, and business processes to enable us to craft a customized solution that perfectly aligns with your needs.


Our experts visualize a data warehouse design that best suits your use case. We will also recommend the right cloud service provider for deploying the DW. 


Once you approve the design, we initiate the implementation. We will test and deploy your data warehouse schema, set up your data pipelines, and automate the entire process from end-to-end. With your next-gen data architecture set up, you’re now ready to deliver advanced analytics and reporting. 

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Learn How Astera’s Turnkey Data Warehousing Service Can Help You Get Access to a Robust Analytics Architecture.

The Astera Advantage

Analysis-Ready Data Architecture

You get a data warehouse that’s ready to plug into any leading BI or visualization platform to deliver key insights at lightning-fast speeds. Whether you’re trying to track customer buying patterns or optimize your supply chain processes, you’ll have the most prompt, highest quality data to work with.

Knowledge & Expertise Transfer

From helping you choose the right platform for deployment to identifying the best design schemas for your analytics architecture, we’re here to provide all the information you need to get your data warehouse up and running. Our experts will also train you on our code-free solution so you can take charge of your data warehouse.

Scalability & Reliability

Our data warehouse solution is more than capable of growing along with your business and supporting your BI & analytics. Rely on us for any amount of data or any concern—we have 24/7 customer support. Your Astera data warehouse is an enterprise-ready solution powered by industrial strength ETL engine.

Reduced Cost and Implementation Time

Signing up for our turnkey data warehouse solution means that you will have access to a custom-built data warehouse in just a few weeks. Perform and automate all your tasks on a single platform, with built in ETL/ELT, data enrichment & data cleaning functionalities to save you time and resources, while extracting insights faster.



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Astera Turnkey Data Warehouse Solution


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At Astera, we know that every organization has unique data needs. Set up a call with our team of experts today so we can create a custom plan for all your data management needs!