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Turnkey Data Warehouse Solution

Making BI accessible to all.


Why Choose Astera’s Turnkey
Data Warehouse Solution?

The path to advanced analytics and reporting goes through the next-gen data warehouse solution. But building a BI architecture that provides the speed, scalability, and agility you need requires the right strategy and effective investment.

With our end-to-end turnkey data warehouse service, we enable enterprises to design and implement a fully functional data warehouse in just weeks. From selecting the ideal platforms for deployment to engineering in-depth data models, we handle the heavy lifting that goes into building a customized DW to suit your use case. With a Turnkey Data Warehouse solution, leverage the benefits & power of a data warehouse while focusing your time and energy on strategic business objectives.

What Do We Offer?

A reliable BI architecture tailor-made for your business 



Data Architecture

We build a data warehouse that’s ready to plug into any leading BI or visualization platform to deliver key insights at lightning-fast speeds. Whether you’re trying to track your customer buying pattern or optimize your supply chain processes, we’ll ensure you’re getting the highest quality data promptly into your dashboards.

Knowledge &

Expertise Transfer

We’ll provide you with the necessary skills and expertise to get you set up with a fully automated data warehouse. We help you choose the right platform for deployment, identify the best design schemas for your analytics architecture, and provide in-depth training on our code-free solution so you can take charge and iterate this solution moving forward.

Scalability & Reliability

With a massive influx of data, accurate and timely BI becomes crucial than ever. Our data warehouse solution is more than capable of growing along with your business and support your BI & analytics. Rely on us with any amount of data as we build you an enterprise-ready solution powered by industrial strength ETL engine, along with 24/7 customer support.

Reduced Complexity and

Faster Time to Insights

Building a data warehouse through traditional methods can take several months and delay crucial insights. With our turnkey data warehousing solution, we handle all the design, development, and initial testing that goes into launching a data warehouse and deliver you an automated data warehouse that will speed up your BI processes.


Reduced Cost and

Implementation Time

Signing up for our turnkey data warehouse solution means that you will have access to a custom-built data warehouse in just a few weeks. Perform & automate all your tasks on a single platform, with built in ETL/ELT, data enrichment & data cleaning functionalities to save your time & resources while extracting insights faster.

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Learn How Astera’s Turnkey Data Warehousing Service Can Help You Get Access to a Robust Analytics Architecture.

Our Turnkey Data Warehouse Solution

Faster Development. Improved Business Intelligence


We start the project by consulting with stakeholders across your enterprise to understand your requirements, data sources, and business processes


Based on our collaboration, our experts will visualize a data warehouse design that suits your use case. We will also recommend the right cloud service provider for deploying the DW.


Once the design is approved by you, we initiate the implementation. We test and deploy your data warehouse schema, set up your data pipelines, and automate the entire process from end-to-end. With your next-gen data architecture set up, you’re now ready to deliver advanced analytics and reporting to your decision-makers via the BI tool of your choice

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