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About Us

How we went from consultants in the mortgage banking sector to a data management company

Astera's Vision

Astera’s vision is to empower data professionals with accessible data management tools that offer the functionality and flexibility to integrate data, data warehousing capabilities, and data profiling and validation features in a single, unified, no-code, easy-to-use platform.

The Astera Story

In 2010, Astera was a consulting firm for clients in the mortgage banking sector. Our software had a component that allowed customers to bring together data from different sources. When the mortgage sector crashed, one customer came to Astera and asked us to expand that component into a data management software that could allow them to manage their data in one centralized location. With that, Astera was born again.

Astera’s main goal was to make this software easy for everyone to access and use, since many of the people who needed to access the data did not have technical backgrounds. Because of this, we developed a no-code, drag-and-drop interface that is still used in all of our products today, from our data warehouse builder to our unstructured data extraction tool to our API designer.

Astera is dedicated to creating products that allow professionals to skip the hassle of data busywork and let their data shine like a star at the forefront of their company’s innovation. After all, Astera comes from the Greek word Aster, meaning ‘star’.


10+ Years Experience

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Meet the team

Ibrahim Surani

Founder and CEO

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Vice President Sales

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