Save Time with Retail Data Management Solutions


Uses Panel

Extract Data to Meet Customer Needs

  • Extract customer reviews from disparate sources and transform them into usable data.
  • Extract information from order forms to streamline the ordering process.

Seamlessly Exchange Data Across Supply Chain

  • Streamline and automate the direct store delivery processes and improve customer service.
  • Exchange information across the supply chain to save time and decongest the system.

Stay Connected to Your Customers’ Needs

  • Integrate data from online and physical stores to gain comprehensive customer insights.
  • Connect to data from any database or warehouse and stay on top on inventory.

Manage Online and In Store Inventory From One Place

  • Consolidate customer and vendor data to interpret sales trends.
  • Organize and automate product inventory.

Astera Software

Why Astera?


One Platform, Multiple Solutions

Astera's unified platform allows you to get intelligible insights from your business data through a single interface.


Reliable Customer Support

Astera helps you adapt the solution into your work environment with its quick onboarding process.


Zero Coding

Astera allows business users to take control of their complex data processes with minimal IT intervention.

Don’t take our word for it.

On top of the hours and weeks (Astera) has saved the data reporting team, it has actually increased our revenue by over $100,000 because of the higher accuracy of data sent to the state.

Overall, Astera has allowed us to go from no data warehouse and no automated processes to a fully functioning data warehouse. After creating the data flows and workflows, scheduling them, and the initial data validation, Centerprise just runs like a well-oiled machine.

It is a good thing to have Astera, and while we bought it mainly for data migration, I see a lot more opportunities to use it. And that’s, of course, a winning situation.




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