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Professional Services

Personalized guidance for your custom needs.

Awards & Recognition

Training Services


Astera provides instructor-led onsite training live at a location of your choosing. This course helps employees gain an understanding of the product, data mapping, transformation, and more.


Eliminate travel costs and time away from the office with online training services which include live sessions with an expert and hands on exercises.

Offered Packages

To get a quote or learn more, contact [email protected] or call 1-888-77-ASTERA

Proof of Concept

The proof of concept package includes product licensing and support services for X months. Astera will help you implement a solution for a targeted use case, so you can realize the value of the product.

Fast Track Implementation

Astera will provide the initial support and training to get your project off the ground. We'll install the software, configure sources and destinations, and help develop data workflows.

Full Implementation

Astera will deploy a complete integration solution, so you can focus on your core business needs. We will develop workflows set up a data validation process, and implement automation where possible.


With our end-to-end turnkey data warehouse service, Astera enables enterprises to focus on their business objectives, while they build a fully functional data warehouse in mere weeks. From selecting the ideal platforms for deployment to engineering in-depth data models, we handle the heavy lifting that goes into building a customized data warehouse to suit your use case. With a Turnkey Data Warehouse solution, leverage the benefits & power of a data warehouse while focusing your time on more pressing decisions.

Let’s Talk

At Astera, we know that every organization has unique data needs. Set up a call with our team of experts today so that we can create a custom plan for all your data management needs!