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Get Your Project Started on the Fast Track

Leveraging our intimate knowledge and experience gained from working on a variety of data migration, integration, and management projects, we offer tailored implementation solutions that are based on a business’s unique needs and challenges. As a result, our implementation and support solutions help you reduce the total cost of ownership, mitigate risks, and speed time to value.

Reduce Costs

Minimize Risks

Derive Value

Professional Services

Get your solution up and running efficiently with our professional services that combine the deep technical expertise and experience of
our product experts to help you achieve the desired results faster.

Fast Track Implementation

This implementation solution provides you the initial support and training you need to deploy your solution and get started quickly. You have defined your project scope already and now the goal is to equip yourself with the resources and expertise you need to accelerate and streamline the roll-out of your data management solution.

What’s Included

We will provide the mentoring and knowledge you need to install the solution. To get the solution up and running, we will help you with:

  • Installation of the software
  • Configuration of sources and destinations
  • Assistance for developing workflows for data mapping and transformations

Full Implementation Solution

This solution is designed to deploy a complete integration
solution that fulfills your unique needs, while allowing you time to focus on your core business.

What’s Included

Our expert team will assist you right from the definition of technical requirements to the design and deployment of the solution in a production environment. We will identify sources and destinations, develop workflows for data mapping and transformation, set up a data validation process, and implement a repeatable process to fulfill your data extraction, integration, or warehousing needs.

Proof of Concept Package

Our POC package is suitable for customers who are interested in investing in a data management solution and want to ensure that our solution fulfills their business needs. By opting for a properly scoped proof of concept, you can understand how well our solution fits your functional requirements and the benefits it offers.

What’s Included

The proof of concept package includes product licensing and support services for X months. We will help you use the software to implement a targeted use case, thereby enabling you to quickly realize and prove the value of the solution to your stakeholders. Once the solution has been implemented, you can test it thoroughly and even compare it with other data integration solutions to make the right choice.

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