Who needs a no-code data pipeline builder?

Businesses that want to consolidate data from various sources into one single repository.

Businesses seeking to efficiently extract, cleanse, transform, and validate large volumes of data.

Businesses who want a single source of truth for business intelligence reporting and analytics.

How it Works

Astera Centerprise has a wide range of capabilities and features to help you create and maintain automated data pipelines that provide accurate and timely data.

You can read data from a variety of file sources and database providers. Our data pipeline builder supports various file formats, file systems, and transfer protocols.

You can access a vast library of 50-plus connectors, enabling seamless integration with various data sources and destinations. Connectors are available for popular databases like Oracle, SQL Server, and MySQL, as well as cloud-based platforms such as AWS S3, Google Cloud, and Azure. These connectors facilitate smooth data extraction and loading processes, ensuring efficient data flow between systems.

You can perform a variety of ETL/ELT operations on data as it moves through the dataflow pipeline. Astera Centerprise has a library of built-in transformations, enabling you to build sophisticated data maps.

This includes the data cleanse transformation, which allows you to cleanse raw data and present it in a more refined, standardized, and enterprise-ready format.

With data quality mode, you can ensure the accuracy and completeness of your cleansed and transformed data. Create custom validation rules for advanced profiling and debugging to identify and fix duplicates, missing fields, and other errors in your datasets.

Load your trusted data to your destinations of choice. We support a wide range of destination types, including flat file destinations, tree file destinations, and database destinations.

Simply add sources, transformations, validation objects, and destination objects to your dataflow by grabbing a destination type from the Toolbox and dropping it on the dataflow.

Design dataflows and schedule them for automated and repeated execution. Automate jobs to run at specific intervals , conditions, or file drops using the built-in job scheduler. Our workflows make it easy to visualize and implement complex sequences of tasks and fast-track your data journey.

The Code-Free Automated Data Integration Solution!

Learn how you can seamlessly build data pipelines in a drag-and-drop environment.

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Astera Centerprise in Action

Using the zero-code, point-and-click interface, and advanced ETL/ELT capabilities, you can build and automate data pipelines with just a few clicks.



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Why Astera?

One Platform, Multiple Solutions

Astera’s unified platform allows you to get intelligible insights from your business data through a single interface.

Reliable Customer Support

Astera helps you adapt the solution into your work environment with its quick onboarding process.

Zero Coding

Astera allows business users to take control of their complex data processes with minimal IT intervention.

Case Studies

Real-world Success Stories

Astera Reduced DXC’s Insurance Client Migration Time From 6 Months to 1 Week

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DexKo Achieves 40% Time Savings using Astera Data Stack

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