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Key Features

A robust data integration solution, Astera Centerprise offers you all the features you need to kickstart your data integration project, consolidate disparate data sources, and create a unified view of your organization’s information assets.

Workflow Automation and Job Scheduling

With a built-in job scheduler, Astera Centerprise allows you to schedule anything from a simple data transformation job to a complex workflow comprising of several subflows. Leveraging process orchestration capabilities of the data integration software, you can sequence integration and transformation jobs, which can be executed serially or in parallel on multiple servers. Other built-in workflow features include SQL execution, outside program execution, FTP uploads and downloads, and email.

Pushdown Optimization for Maximum Performance

With Astera Centerprise, a data transformation job can be pushed down into a relational database, where appropriate, to make optimal use of database resources and improve performance. This, in turn, helps businesses better manage processing needs, save more time, and boost developer productivity.

Industrial-Strength, Parallel Processing Engine

Featuring a cluster-based architecture and a parallel processing ETL engine, Astera Centerprise allows data transformation jobs to be run in parallel. This way, the whole dataflow, or parts of it, is processed in parallel on multiple nodes, with each having a part of the dataflows. As a result, you experience unparalleled performance even when processing large datasets.

Vast Selection of Connectors

Astera Centerprise features a vast collection of built-in connectors for both modern and traditional data sources. From simple CSV, Excel, or fixed length files, relational databases, hierarchical EDI and XML files, legacy formats, to enterprise applications, cloud solutions, and data warehouses, it’s all there, ready to be used.

Instant Data Preview

With Instant Data Preview, Astera Centerprise provides you an insight into the validity of the data mappings you have created. Using the feature, you can inspect a sample of the data being processed at each step of the transformation process. This, in turn, allows you to promptly identify and fix any mapping errors before the job is executed.

Extensive Library of Pre-Built Transformations

Astera Centerprise dramatically simplifies the process of transforming complex hierarchical data with its visual, drag-and-drop environment and broad selection of built-in transformations. These transformations can be strung together to create a complete dataflow and automated using the built-in job scheduling and automation features.

Drag-and-Drop, Code-Free Mapping Environment

Astera Centerprise features a visual, drag-and-drop interface that provides advance-level functionality for development, debugging, and testing in a code-free environment. The data integration platform offers the same level of usability to both developers and businesses with user-friendly features like instant data preview, built-in transformations, and native connectivity to various data sources.

Data Profiling and Validation

Using the built-in data profiling features of Astera Centerprise, you can easily examine your source data and get detailed information about its structure, quality, and integrity. Custom data integration and quality rules can also be defined to validate incoming data and identify missing or invalid records.

On-Premise and Cloud Deployment

Kickstart your data management projects faster with an enterprise-grade solution that can quickly be deployed on-premise or in the cloud. The ability to containerize the application, along with its compatibility to both Linux and Windows machines, makes it a truly platform-agnostic solution.

How It Works

Astera Centerprise is a complete data integration solution that combines data cleansing, profiling and transformation capabilities on a single platform, allowing you to integrate data of any complexity, size, or format with complete ease and agility.

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