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Leverage Centerprise’s Built-In Connectivity to Integrate your Snowflake Data

Connect to Snowflake database using our powerful built-in connector. Use our drag-and-drop designer to create simple dataflows, reroute data based on customized data quality rules, and get a complete statistical profile of your data.

Extract, Transform, and Load Your Snowflake Data Quickly and Efficiently

Turbocharge your ETL efforts with our powerful pre-built Snowflake connector. Connect to Snowflake as a source or destination and enrich your data using transformations for better reporting – all in a code-free environment.

Automate Your Snowflake Integrations to Execute Repeatable Processes

Orchestrate automated workflows for quick processing without any manual intervention. Astera Centerprise’s Job Scheduler allows you to schedule execution of your dataflows at pre-defined intervals or set event-based triggers for your Snowflake integration flows. You can also send automated notification emails upon successful execution to minimize manual effort.

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Refine Your Data with Pre-Built Transformations

Clean, sort, and perform calculations on your data with Astera Centerprise’s pre-built, drag-and-drop transformations. You can also use lookups to match source data against pre-populated lookup files and reconcile data to update records based on your field of choice.

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Integrate Your Snowflake Data with 40+ Sources

Connect to over 40 unique data sources with Astera Centerprise. Integrate Snowflake with multiple databases, files, and cloud platforms to consolidate your data and reduce time-to-value.

Snowflake with SQL Server 

Build comprehensive data pipelines between Snowflake and SQL Server with our pre-built connectors. Enrich your data with pre-built transformations and convert it to a destination-compatible format.  

Snowflake with PDF 

Define schema and populate Snowflake database tables using data from PDF sources. Insert single records or load data in bulk, depending on your volume needs. 

Snowflake with PowerBI 

ConnecPowerBI to Snowflake, and visualize your analyses and reports. Extract valuable insights from your enterprise data to make data-driven business decisions. 

Snowflake with Amazon Redshift

Consolidate data from Amazon Redshift with your Snowflake database to streamline business processes without typing long lines of code. 

Snowflake with Excel

Establish connectivity of your Snowflake database to Excel files using our connector and streamline your operational processes. Use our pre-built transformations to improve the quality of your data and load it on Snowflake database tables. 

Snowflake with Salesforce 

Leverage our built-in connector for fast and hassle-free Snowflake to Salesforce integration. Get a holistic view of your customer data, and create effective sales and marketing strategies 

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Find out more about Astera Centerprise features including parameterization, pushdown optimization, hierarchical data integration, query optimization, transformations, and data models.
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Blogs on Snowflake Connector

Learn how to extract real-time insights from Snowflake. Read about use-cases, case studies, and find out more about our database connectors.
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Over 40 Connectors To Choose From

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Frequently Asked Questions about Our Snowflake Connector

You can use the Astera Centerprise connector to easily convert data to and from the Snowflake database. Our ETL platform can help you load Snowflake data from and to over 40 data sources and destinations.

Yes. Astera Centerprise allows you to easily extract and transform data from Snowflake to any other application. You can use the Centerprise built-in transformations to prepare and enrich data. We offer over 100 transformations to create unique data models that you can load to your desired destination.

You can load as many data points as you want. Centerprise data integration software also lets you load data in bulk. Since our solution is deployed on-premise and comes with a parallel processing engine, it depends on your system’s performance as to how many data points can be loaded at once. 

Yes, Centerprise is built on a cluster-based architecture that allows jobs to run in parallel. With that said, it also offers automatic distribution across multiple nodes when transferring data from source to destination.

Astera Centerprise supports both ETL and ELT modes for integrating data to and from your Snowflake database to other databases. You can transform data while doing migration from source to destination databases through pushdown optimization mode which run directly on the database server, reducing or even eliminating the need for data to travel to and from the Centerprise server.