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Key Takeaways

  • The transformative impact of AI and automation on data management practices
  • Key factors to take into consideration when incorporating AI into data management processes
  • How Astera ReportMiner, powered by AI, simplifies data extraction, leading to significant time and cost savings


Data Solutions 2.0: Embracing the AI-driven Automation Era

About the webinar

On 21st June 2023, our panel of experts, Leon Gordon, Henry Orlando Clavo, and Jay Mishra discussed the dynamic relationship between AI and data management, offering invaluable insights into driving organizational transformation through automation.

Discover the game-changing potential of Astera ReportMiner, our data-extraction solution that accelerates your data-to-insights journey. This no-code tool is powered by advanced AI that allows you to automatically extract data from multiple files, regardless of layouts, and automate the process for faster analytics and reporting.

Leon Gordon

Leon Gordon is a data analytics leader, Microsoft Data Platform MVP, and the founder of Onyx Data.

Jay Mishra

Astera COO Jay Mishra is a seasoned data architect and software solutions expert with over two decades of experience.

Henry Orlando Clavo

Henry Orlando Clavo is an accomplished data professional with extensive experience implementing technology solutions across diverse sectors.

Lori Moye

Lori Moye is an alternatives operations manager at Envestnet, where she develops and oversees the automated processes for alternative investment data extraction.

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