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Partner Program

Astera Partnership Opportunities and

Technology Partners

OEM, Reseller, and Integration Partners


Contact  for more information on the Astera Alliance partner program or to sign up as a partner. You can download the brochure with details here.

The Astera Advantage

Why should you partner with Astera? Our products offers superior advantages for technology partners, consultants, independent software vendors (ISVs), original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), system integrators, and resellers. The Astera next-generation platform combines a powerful, scalable, and fully functional data integration environment that is affordable and was designed from the ground up for ease of use by business professionals as well as developers.

Join the Astera Alliance and build a mutually beneficial relationship based on superior technology and excellent product and marketing support that will bring your data integration and management solutions to market quickly, easily, and with greater impact.

Here’s why Astera is a smart choice:


Astera Software

Industry Leaders

Full-featured data integration and management product in one complete package
Intuitive integration environment with short learning curve reduces development cost and time
Designed for ease of use by business professionals
Fast and easily embeddable parallel data processing engine
Single platform and user interface
Affordable and straightforward pricing
Excellent extensibility and flexibility
Excellent customer support, personal attention, easy access to management
Basic integration product must be augmented by purchase of add-ons and connectors
Complex environment with steep learning curve
Designed for use by highly trained technical IT resources
Multiple modules and multiple engines must be embedded
Four separate user interfaces for different features, separate tools for viewing database and file data
Expensive basic product with tiered pricing based on options
Tightly controlled extensibility and flexibility
Average customer support, personal attention, access to management