Processing Invoices in Just 3 Minutes 

instead of Days

Enabled Near-Real Time

Stock Replenishment

Schedule Automated Workflows 

to Save Thousands of Hours

GaP Solutions Uses Astera ReportMiner to Process Invoices within 3 Minutes

GaP Solutions, one of the leading innovators in retail solutions, provides custom software and hardware solutions to clients across a range of industries.

Before Astera ReportMiner, GaP Solutions struggled to automate data extraction and invoice processing. The employees must hand-code up to 10,000 invoice data in the store systems by employees, resulting in higher processing order times and poor customer experience. GaP Solutions wanted to implement a solution that automates the PDFs data extraction process and speeds up invoice processing without compromising data integrity.

With Astera ReportMiner, the company has fully automated PDF data extraction. GaP now processes invoices in 3 minutes instead of days, enabling managers to push through customer requests far more efficiently.

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