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Easily applied to all common data management use cases, Astera’s acclaimed line of products is ready out of the box to help business information experts maximize the value of their enterprise data. We deliver an end-to-end solution for every data processing need, ranging from data extraction and capture to its validation, profiling, migration, and synchronization.

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Application Integration

Integrate business applications using a visual interface and manage, profile, and control data across the enterprise.

Data Synchronization

Ensure data synchronicity and facilitate real-time data integration across the enterprise with Change Data Capture.

Data Integration in the Cloud

Easily manage, cleanse, and integrate data without investing significant developer resources from a web-based platform.

Automated Data Extraction

Automate unstructured data extraction by using Astera’s streamlined workflow orchestration to prepare your data faster.

Hierarchical Data Integration

Visually build and flatten complex hierarchical structures and transform them for integration in your business environment.

Legacy Data Modernization

Unleash the potential of data residing in legacy systems with our enterprise-ready data solutions.

Data Mapping

Cross-reference data sets and perform complex data conversions and mappings with drag-and-drop actions.

Data Transformation

Utilize a code-free environment to efficiently manipulate, convert, cleanse, and validate datasets of any complexity.

Data Migration

Integrate, validate, transform, and profile data to execute your entire data migration strategy within a single interface.

Template-Based Data Extraction

Build reusable extraction templates based on text mining patterns and extract desired data from unstructured reports.