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The Top 7 Data Aggregation Tools in 2024

As data variety and volumes grow, extracting insights from data has become increasingly formidable. To put it into perspective, a...




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Data Governance Framework: What is it? Importance, Pillars and Best Practices

What is a Data Governance Framework?  A data governance framework is a structured way of managing and controlling the use...


The Best Data Ingestion Tools in 2024

Data ingestion is important in collecting and transferring data from various sources to storage or processing systems. In this blog,...


Modernizing Higher Education Curriculum Planning with Astera’s Data Solutions and Governance

A 2021  Educase report shows that 75% of surveyed institutions have started or are planning extensive digital transformation strategies to...


7 Data Quality Metrics to Assess Your Data Health

No matter their size, all organizations rely heavily on the data they collect and manage. This data ranges from customer...


Improving Healthcare Data Governance and Integration with Astera

One of the key processes in healthcare data management is integrating data from many patient information sources into a centralized...


What is Metadata Governance?

What is Metadata Governance? Metadata governance is the systematic approach to managing metadata, or data about data, to ensure it...