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7 Data Quality Metrics to Assess Your Data Health

No matter their size, all organizations rely heavily on the data they collect and manage. This data ranges from customer...




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Improving Healthcare Data Governance and Integration with Astera

One of the key processes in healthcare data management is integrating data from many patient information sources into a centralized...


What is Metadata Governance?

What is Metadata Governance? Metadata governance is the systematic approach to managing metadata, or data about data, to ensure it...


Exploring the Connection Between Data Governance and Data Quality

Data Governance vs. Data Quality Data governance and data quality are closely related, but different concepts. The major difference lies...


Astera’s Guide to Insurance Data Quality and Governance

Data forms the foundation of the modern insurance industry, where every operation relies on digitized systems, including risk assessment, policy...


Information Governance vs. Data Governance: A Comparative Analysis

Every digital interaction generates data. This data can provide invaluable insights and drive effective decision-making when managed effectively. However, according...


Data Quality Framework: What It Is and How to Implement It

What is a data quality framework? A data quality framework is a set of guidelines that enable you to measure,...