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Who needs an automated data warehousing solution?

Businesses that want to integrate disparate data sources into a single reliable source of truth.

Populate Your Data Warehouse

Businesses that want to maintain an auditable and time-variant data repository.

Automate Your Data Warehouse

Businesses that want to consolidate data for BI reporting and analytics purposes.

Accelerate Your BI Initiatives

How it Works

Astera Data Warehouse Builder expedites the development and modernization of data warehouses. You can ingest data from disparate sources, including databases and unstructured data files, and bring them together for a single source of truth.

Using our built-in data modeler, you can create a data model from scratch or generate a data model for an existing database using the reverse engineer option. Create and edit entity relationships using a simple point-and-click interface.

Astera Data Warehouse Builder also supports Data Vault, which allows you to automate the data vault modeling process and create Hubs, Links, and Satellites for every underlying entity.

Assign an entity type to each general entity in a data model to turn it into a dimensional model. For dimension entities, you can assign dimension roles to each field, including surrogate keys, business keys, and slowly changing dimensions.

Astera DW Builder allows you to check and verify if data present in dimension and fact tables is valid or “good”.

After preparing your data model, you can deploy or publish a data model to the server for data consumption. Using our OData service, expose the warehouse data and visualize it in BI tools for reporting and analysis.

Once your data warehouse is functional, you can utilize the platform’s robust job scheduling and monitoring features to automate the process.

Astera Data Governance complements Astera Data Warehouse Builder by providing centralized access to data assets, detailing their type, description, owner, and creation date. You can enhance discoverability and context by adding glossary terms and tags. You can ensure data quality, consistency, and reliability across the organization with the platform and its granular access management safeguards your sensitive information with streamlined permissions for authorized users. 

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Astera Data Warehouse Builder in Action

Using our metadata-driven, end-to-end data warehousing automation solution, you can design, develop, and deploy a functional data warehouse in days.



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