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Key Features

Astera Data Warehouse Builder’s modern approach to data warehousing delivers an integrated platform to design, implement, and build your own data warehouse using best practices out-of-the-box.

An Array of Out-Of-The-Box Connectors

Our data warehouse builder offers built-in connectors for several industry-leading databases including on-premises software such as SQL Server and Oracle Database as well as integrations with cloud services such as Amazon and Azure Cloud. Simply connect and configure the relevant source system and get started with modelling your data warehouse.

Support for All Data Modeling Approaches

Astera DW Builder empowers users to design their data warehouse schema however they want. It supports all the common data modeling patterns such as 3NF, star schema, and data vault. You can reverse engineer schemas from a database or import an erwin data model directly. Then with just a few clicks, automatically convert the entities into facts and dimensions or use the hub, link, and satellite framework to build a data warehouse schema that matches your reporting requirements.

Data Model Verification Module

Prior to deployment, every data warehouse goes through several rounds of testing and troubleshooting. Our automated data warehouse product performs thorough data verification checks to cut down these repetitive tasks by highlighting any errors in your data model before moving to the next stage of production. From incomplete fields to referential errors, catch and correct potential issues at the first pass using this single-click validator.

Intelligent Data Mapping

We make data mapping from source systems to the data warehouse flexible and fast so you can reap the advantages of an automated data warehouse without any delays . With Data Model-Query Objects and dedicated Fact and Dimension loaders, users can connect to one or multiple objects, apply transformations and business rules before loading outputs to related entities in their data model. The modern, visual approach cuts down up to 80% of the time spent in manual data mapping while providing complete control to users.

Data Quality and Profiling

Astera DW Builder can profile, cleanse, and validate data to ensure readiness for the data warehouse without the user having to change applications with a variety of data transformations. Everything is done within the data warehouse design tool as part of a single job. For backend logging to understanding errors, use the built-in field profiler and record-level log, or specify business rules and pinpoint data quality issues with ease.

Pushdown Optimization

The data warehouse automation solution comes with a robust pushdown optimization mode, allowing users to push these resource-intensive transformations and loading processes in the database. We support full and partial pushdown depending on whether source and destination databases share the same database type and server. With ELT capabilities enabled, you can leverage the processing power of on-prem or cloud databases to load millions of records to fact and dimension tables in seconds.

Deploy Your Data Warehouse in the Cloud

As a end-to-end data warehouse builder, ADWB makes it easier than ever to migrate your data warehouse to the cloud. We offer out-of-the-box connectivity to leading service providers such as Amazon RDS, Snowflake, Azure Synapse Analytics, Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, and others. Leverage the Centerprise DB agent to build a secure path to access your on-premises data from the cloud, ensuring quick connectivity and seamless data movement.

Job Scheduling and Workflow Orchestration

Leverage built-in workflow orchestration and job scheduling features to automate ETL operations across your data warehouse and turn your data warehouse automation ideas into reality. Manage how your data warehouse responds to source system changes with a full selection of SCD-types that allow you to dictate how corrections and updates to existing records are reflected in your enterprise data warehouse.

Consumption Through OData Module

Once deployed, Astera Data Models (ADM) can be consumed by outside applications through the OData protocol. Whether you want to connect to your data model through a web browser or API clients such as Postman, all you need to do is enter the relevant address, input the generated token, and expose your ADM for real-time querying. You can also visualize your data through leading reporting and analytics applications, including Tableau, Microsoft PowerBI, and QlikView, to create an end-to-end process that delivers insights in near real-time to decision-makers across your enterprise.

How It Works

In Astera Data Warehouse Builder, data models are the centerpiece of the entire data warehousing process, serving as the foundation for all the subsequent processes, such as ETL mappings, dimension and fact tables population, data consumption through the built-in OData module, and even for change management after deployment.

Data Warehouse Architecture Diagram

Make Your Data Warehouse Development Lightning Fast