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Implementing Agile Best Practices in Data Warehouse Development2024-02-11T05:42:13+00:00

Implementing Agile Best Practices in Data Warehouse Development

The data warehouse is still very much the gold standard when it comes to consolidating enterprise data for efficient reporting and analytics.

These tried-and-tested BI systems offer a scalable, robust, and accessible architecture that can drive timely, accurate decision-making at every level of your organization.

But before you can take advantage of those data-driven insights you need to deal with the complexities involved in implementation. Traditionally, this process has been guided by a big-ticket approach that can multiple years and a variety of IT resources to  see through to completion.

With Astera DW Builder we’ve introduced an iterative, user-driven approach to data warehousing that promises to cut development times and from years to just weeks and massively reduce your reliance on technical specialists.

In this end-to-end use case, we’ll show you how World Wide Importers applied agile principles to their enterprise and managed to build a modern data warehouse that delivered lightning-fast insights on their critical business questions.

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