Resellers & Integrators2024-02-09T23:12:14+00:00

Astera Software partners with leading technology solutions and services providers who work with clients, helping them make the most of their technology investments.


Astera’s value-added resellers offer their own customer application software, networking solutions, hardware solutions, and project management and consulting services in conjunction with our enterprise-ready solutions to help customers address their unique IT needs and data challenges. Our esteemed resellers redistribute our data integration, extraction, and warehousing solutions, as well as offer expert guidance and support to customers.

System Integrators

Our system integration partners offer integration services as well as various horizontal and vertical business software along with our data management platform to create a unified solution and help enterprises tap into the potential of their data quickly and effectively. With deep industry and technical experience, system integrators ensure clients a smooth implementation process, as well as tangible outcomes from their investment.