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Simplify the way you build and execute your data pipelines to accelerate from data to insights.

Data Integration

  • Code-free, Visual UI:Design data processes using a drag-and-drop interface
  • Built-in- Connectors:Access data from versatile on-premises and cloud sources and map onto the destination of choice using native connectors
  • Pre-Built Transformations:Get analysis-ready data using an extensive library of transformations
  • Data Quality:Get reliable data with data profiling and quality features
  • Instant Data Preview:Debug errors in design-time through data preview
  • Powerful ETL Engine:Scale for large data volumes with Astera’s powerful ETL engine
  • Automation:Eliminate manual repetitive work by automating processes
  • Process Orchestration:Sequence and orchestrate several steps of your data management pipeline in a series using workflows
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  • Data Extraction: Extract data from recurring business docs using a pattern-matching approach
  • Code-free, Visual UIExtract data with an easy-to-use point and click interface
  • AI-Powered: Create hundreds of templates within seconds using AI Capture
  • Built-In Connectors:Access unstructured data from cloud and remote sources using pre-built connectors
  • Data Quality: Ensure the validity of your data using custom data quality checks
  • Automation: Cut down manual effort and execute repeatable processes through automation and scheduling
  • Deployment Ease: Deploy your data extraction solution in the cloud or on-premises
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Data Warehousing

  • Code-free, Visual UI:Execute data warehousing process in a visual UI
  • Unified Solution: End-to-end, metadata-driven data warehousing in a unified platform Built-in-Connectors: Connect your data warehouse to leading on-prem and cloud databases
  • Automation:Use a code-free environment, job scheduling, and workflow orchestration to automate data pipelines.
  • Versatile Data Modeler: Automatically create and deploy desired data models—including dimension models 3NF, and data vaults
  • Deployment Feasibility: Deploy data warehouse on the cloud or on-premises
  • Powerful ETL Engine:Scale for large data volumes with Astera’s powerful ETL engine
  • OData Connectivity: Connect data warehouse to BI reporting tools through OData
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Data Services

  • API Consumption: Consume data through APIs and integrate with other systems
  • Code-Free Development: Design and develop APIs and integrations in a drag-and-drop interface
  • Ease of Testing: Debug APIs by testing in design-time and post-deployment
  • Deployment Flexibility: Deploy APIs on-premises, in the cloud or in hybrid environment
  • Easy API Management:Manage APIs in a centralized point-and-click wizard
  • Data Sharing: Share data with partners and stakeholders by publishing flows as APIs
  • Built-In Monitoring: Monitor API performance in a built-in dashboard
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VanderBilt University

Centerprise is amazingly intuitive and seems familiar. With assistance from the excellent Astera support team, we are able to develop fairly complex dataflows within hours.

-Bola Olusanya, Managing Director of Investment Risk Management

VanderBilt University

IT Contractor Pricing Review

I can easily say that we are saving 1000 hours of manual data entry work a year with ReportMiner. That’s just for the personnel data system. In other words, it takes just 10 minutes to process a file instead of 3 hours.

Data Architect at the IT Contractor Company

IT Contractor Pricing Review

Ciena Pricing Review

Ability to easily convert PDF into text, especially in those situations where PDF documents have complicated format. So far, we have been able to address every scenario. We have tried other service such as PDF Focus and Azure Form Recognizer but only ReportMiner was able to handle all scenarios. Best of all was support provided by ReportMiner team.

Hayder Mir, Sr. Manager, Custom Applications

Ciena Pricing Review

Cherry Health Pricing Review

There are a number of products on the market which can do this, but we went with Astera because it’s interface is very user friendly. You can drag and drop components to pull data from any source and then manipulate either all of the data or individual fields the same way … I love that I don’t have to have someone fully trained in SQL code and SSIS in order to develop high quality solutions.

Andre Beaumont, Senior Database Manager at Cherry Health

Cherry Health Pricing Review