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Key Features

With its drag-and-drop interface, powerful translator and transaction builder, and an extensive library of transformations, Astera EDIConnect Software makes electronic data interchange a simple and easily accomplishable process for business users. Some of the key features of EDIConnect include:

Support for Key EDI Standards

Astera EDIConnect supports a wide variety of EDI standards, including ANSI X12, HIPAA, and EDIFACT, allowing enterprises to meet the requirements of all their trading partners, without any format or technology restrictions. The solution also allows seamless exchange of EDI files using AS2, FTP, and email.

Simplified Trading Partner Management

Astera EDIConnect makes the process of onboarding new partners and configuring their requirements quick and simple. Users can easily create detailed trade partner profiles and define unique data mapping requirements, data validation checks, and custom transaction sets, all within the code-free environment of the solution.

High-Performance EDI Translator

Equipped with a high-performance EDI translator, Astera EDIConnect delivers the performance and scalability to efficiently process EDI files of any complexity and size. The drag-and-drop, visual interface, combined with the cluster-based architecture of the solution, delivers unparalleled performance while processing complex hierarchical structures like EDI and XML.

Simplified Mapping of Data to EDI Formats

A visual, stepwise designer enables you to build complex, hierarchical EDI transactions and the instant preview window lets you view data at every step to quickly correct any mapping errors in real time. With EDIConnect, you can extract data from a wide assortment of data sources and utilize hundreds of built-in transformations and functions to map data to EDI formats without writing a single line of code.

Built-In Data Quality Validations

Integrated with the translator and transaction builder, the high-performance EDI validation checks all incoming and outgoing files against the standard and custom validation rules defined for a trade partner. With the record-level log, users can view a summary of the errors found and rectify them in real-time for quality-assured EDI data exchange.

Automated Acknowledgment Generation

With process orchestraction capabilities, Astera EDIConnect allows users to define workflows and generate technical and functional acknowledgments automatically upon receiving an EDI message. The workflow automation feature can also be used to automate file downloads, invoke data maps, and send emails.

How It Works

Astera EDIConnect is a complete electronic data interchange solution that simplifies the entire process of sending and receiving EDI transactions, right from mapping data to an EDI format to the validation of incoming files and acknowledgment generation.

Simplify How You Manage and Communicate with Your Trade Partners