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Why Astera EDIConnect?

Seamless, Unified Environment

A single unified platform for EDI source extraction, translation, acknowledgment generation,
verification, and sending data to its destination.

Easy to Use

EDI Connect has a visual drag-and-drop, code-free environment designed especially for non-technical business users, enabling customization of transactions, segments, elements, and validations.

High Performance

A high-performance, parallel-processing engine designed to handle extremely large volumes of data.

Key Features

Support for Key EDI Standards

Astera EDIConnect supports a wide variety of EDI standards, including ANSI X12, HIPAA, and EDIFACT, allowing enterprises to meet the requirements of all their trading partners, and to seamlessly exchange EDI files using AS2, FTP, and email.

Simplified Trading Partner Management

Users can easily create detailed trade partner profiles and define unique data mapping requirements, data validation checks, and custom transaction sets, making the process of onboarding new partners quick and easy.

High-Performance EDI Translator

Equipped with a high-performance EDI translator, Astera EDIConnect delivers the performance and scalability to efficiently process EDI files of any complexity and size.

Simplified Data Mapping to EDI Formats

Our visual, stepwise designer enables users to build complex, hierarchical EDI transactions from hundreds of built-in transformations. Additionally, our instant data preview window allows users to correct any mapping errors in real-time.

Built-In Data Quality Validations

Our high-performance EDI validation function checks all incoming and outgoing files against the standard and custom validation rules defined for a trade partner.

Automated Acknowledgment Generation

With process orchestration capabilities, Astera EDIConnect allows users to define workflows and generate technical and functional acknowledgments automatically upon receiving an EDI message.

What Customers are Saying

Astera has allowed us to do in minutes what whole data extraction teams do in days and/or hours. It’s the heart of our data extraction process.”
“The program is very simple in both structure and guidance. It only took me a day to get acclimated and able to generate various models that met my need.”
Ability to easily convert PDF into text, especially in those situations where PDF documents have complicated format. So far, we have been able to address every scenario. We have tried other service such as PDF Focus and Azure Form Recognizer but only ReportMiner was able to handle all scenarios. Best of all was support provided by ReportMiner team.
It's incredibly easy to use [...] People with no previous ETL experience can start building simple mappings very quickly. It's incredibly easy to install and maintain. [...] I am particularly impressed with how much Centerprise simplifies transformations that require more work in other ETL tools. The perfect example is the SCD transformation, which handles all the logic in an Slowly Changing Dimension. Even with a market leader like Informatica, the SCD logic has to be manually built. With Centerprise this can be built in just a few minutes, and it impacts every mapping.

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EDI builder and EDI destination file in EDIConnect


EDIConnect for HIPAA Integration


EDIConnect Product Presentation


EDI builder and EDI destination file in EDIConnect