DXC Technology (DXC) is a renowned global leader, offering end-to-end digital transformation and technology services to organizations spanning across various industries, including insurance, banking, retail, and more. With a presence in over 70 countries, DXC leverages advanced technologies such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, analytics, and cybersecurity to empower their clients to unlock new opportunities, enhance operational efficiency, and deliver an exceptional customer experience.  

Use Case  

Following COVID-19, the world’s leading insurance and reinsurance marketplace mandated insurance companies to establish data standards and migrate from legacy systems to the cloud. Due to this, DXC had to migrate over 100 insurance clients to the AWS cloud within a tight three-year frame. DXC needed a fast solution to accurately map and transfer data. To orchestrate the entire migration journey, including data extraction, validation, reconciliation, and loading via APIs, DXC needed a specialized tool.  

Enter Astera Data Stack 

To address DXC’s complex migration requirements, DXC chose Astera Data Stack, a powerful data integration and migration platform. Astera’s platform has a range of capabilities that proved to be instrumental in helping DXC streamline their migration process.  

Firstly, Astera Data Stack’s platform offered seamless data extraction from diverse databases such as SQL Server, Oracle, and MongoDB. This allowed DXC to efficiently gather data from various sources without manual intervention, saving time and effort. Secondly, Astera Data Stack’s data transformation capabilities were crucial in ensuring a smooth transition. The platform allowed DXC to transform the extracted data into XML format while ensuring data integrity and preserving the important relationships between different data elements.  

Astera Data Stack’s advanced data mapping capabilities enabled DXC to easily define and manage the parent-child relationships within their data. This eliminated complexities and potential errors during the migration process. Additionally, Astera’s platform seamlessly integrated with both REST and SOAP APIs. This allowed DXC to overcome the limitations of their REST APIs when dealing with parent-child records. By utilizing the SOAP API, DXC could continue using XML as input for data creation within their application. This integration ensured efficient data flow between systems.  


DXC provides IT services all over the world. They have a workforce of 100,000 people and they serve clients across five continents. 




Astera Data Stack 

Use Case 

DXC wanted to migrate many of their insurance clients from legacy systems to the AWS cloud environment within a three-year timeframe. Using Astera Data Stack’s data pipeline, DXC was able to extract data from SQL Server, Oracle, and MongoDB. 


DXC was able to achieve the migration of approximately 100 insurance clients from legacy products to the AWS cloud environment. 

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Astera’s platform also provided DXC with advanced scheduling and automation capabilities, which allowed DXC to streamline their migration process. This meant DXC could automate data extraction, transformation, and loading tasks, thereby saving them time. The standardized processes also ensured consistency and repeatability, leading to minimal errors. Additionally, scheduling and automation allowed DXC to optimize resource allocation.  

Astera’s solution automated tasks like data extraction, transformation, and loading, speeding up the migration and allowing DXC to meet project deadlines. Previously, each client took three to six months for transfer; with Astera Data Stack, each transferred client took an average of one week. Astera’s advanced tools accelerated the migration speed tenfold, resulting in significant time and cost savings. Astera’s partnership empowered DXC with faster migrations, efficient data mapping, seamless integration, and the flexibility to handle diverse data sources, leading to successful outcomes like ensuring 100% data accuracy.  


“Astera fits DXC’s use case perfectly. It is very easy to use, and our team found it highly useful. Astera’s support staff has been great; they’re very knowledgeable, and their training sessions were very interactive. Overall a valuable experience and highly recommended.”

– DXC Employee

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