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Astera Data Stack

Manage All Your Data in A Unified Environment – Without Writing Any Code


Faster Project Execution


Cost Savings


Time Savings

Data Extraction

Empower your business to utilize unstructured data with
Astera ReportMiner.

80% of enterprise data is unstructured. Employ template-based extraction, enhanced by AI, to transform it and use it for the actionable insights.

The ReportMiner advantage:

  • Create reusable extraction templates for business documents in a no-code environment
  • Integrate unstructured data in your existing data pipeline
  • Have AI and machine learning assist you in the template creation process

Data Integration

Connect data from disparate sources with Astera Centerprise.

67% of enterprises are relying on data integration to support analytics and BI platforms. Take advantage of Centerprise’s enterprise ETL/ELT engine to unify your enterprise data.

The Centerprise advantage:

  • Build integrations with ease in a drag-and-drop environment
  • Simplify your integrations with pre-built connectors and transformations
  • Boost organizational efficiency by cutting down time spent on manual coding

Data Warehousing

Design, develop, and deploy modern data warehouses with
Astera DW Builder.

Data warehousing is the bedrock of modern Business Intelligence (BI). Make use of a metadata-driven approach for prompt access to reliable and accurate insights.

The DW Builder advantage:

  • Deploy your warehouse on-premises, on the cloud, or in the hybrid cloud in a no-code environment
  • Intuitively map from source systems with visual data model designing
  • Enhance business ROI by 112% over a five-year period

EDI Management

Automate B2B data exchange with Astera EDIConnect.

Draw on a high-performance EDI engine to make electronic data interchange an easily accomplishable process.

The EDIConnect advantage:

  • Meet trading partner requirements with support for a wide variety of EDI standards, including ANSI X12, HIPAA, and EDIFACT
  • Easily map data to EDI formats in a no-code, drag-and-drop environment
  • Automate acknowledgment generation

API Management

Consume, build, deploy, and monitor APIs through a unified console.

Around 90% of developers use APIs for some tasks. Manage your end-to-end API lifecycle by consuming, designing, deploying, and monitoring APIs through a single platform.

The API Management advantage:

  • Create reusable APIs to eliminate development silos and automate business processes
  • Publish your integrations, and share data with internal and external stakeholders
  • Monitor your API performance in real-time and iterate as required
Astera Data Ecosystem
Who Can Use the Astera Data Stack?
A platform for technical and business users to simplify and streamline business processes.

Business Users

Create agile solutions using built-in connectors and transformations to enable self-service data management.

Data Architects

Translate business requirements into a robust data architecture by designing code-free data pipelines.

BI and Data Analysts

Gather data from different sources, process and analyze it to take timely business decisions.


Integrate external software with data pipelines to streamline enterprise processes.

Data Engineers

Design, develop, and optimize your data infrastructure to build end-to-end data pipelines.

IT Teams

Manage access to data assets within the organization.


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