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User Reviews

Mark Rubin

Systems Analyst at Cognisight, LLC

Solution stand-up time is very fast. Our company's extremely rapid development needs were easily met using the product. Out-of-the-box to a working solution took only days, where some of the other products that were sampled would have taken far longer.

Honey Ranario

IT User, Arlington Orthopedic Associates, P.A.

“The program is very simple in both structure and guidance. It only took me a day to get acclimated and able to generate various models that met my need.”


User in Medical Practice

It is very user friendly. I like that I can pick out the data that I need and not waste time with data that I would not use.

Honey R.

IT User

I am a Monarch user for several years and switched to Report Miner which is far better than Monarch.


Administrator in Environmental Services

ReportMiner can do an amazing variety of things with a scanned pdf. There is a definite learning curve but it does what I need and their support is excellent.


Administrator in Wholesale

[ReportMiner] is flexible enough to allow you tackle projects on different areas, it is also very intuitive, that makes train new users a much simpler task

Lori Lewis

Director Product Management, Webs Inc.

Product is relatively intuitive to use. Initially, I was given a beta version and had several problems to start. Customer service was good for those issues. Now that we have the workflows defined, things go smoothly.

Sergio C.

IT User

[ReportMiner] is intuitive, and powerful.


User in Healthcare

I love that once I have created a report model I can use it over and over. Having that reliable tool and consistent model that I can return to and easily use months later is wonderful.


Oil and Gas Industry

ReportMiner is being used to digitize a large volume of PDF documents that we receive monthly. Data entry is a tedious, error prone task that takes up too much time. With a program like Report Miner, one is able to save time and also be able to trust quality of the data.

Roger Knibb

Pro Advisor, Troutt Beeman and Co.

We get PDF reports that have one record of information on multiple lines. With ReportMiner we can easily harvest the information we need out of the report and put it in Excel. It is a great product that saves us time.


IT User

For businesses looking for a full-blown report extraction solution, ReportMiner is an excellent choice.

Michael Corrigan

Prof. Services Analyst, Xerox

Great Concept, Easy to Use. ReportMiner is a great product. It's extremely customizable to meet many different needs, and customer service has always been outstanding when I've needed help.

Sara Li

EDI Administrator, Telamon Corp.

Excellent Tool! ReportMiner is a very helpful tool, which makes our jobs much easier. We definitely recommend it!

Andre Beaumont

Senior Database Manager at Cherry Health

I love that I don't have to have someone fully trained in SQL code and SSIS in order to develop high quality solutions.

Mario Ferrer

Business Intelligence / Data Warehouse Architect at Achievers

Ease of use, clever transformations and in general Centerprise has a library of transformations that even heavy duty tools like Informatica doesn't offer, such as SCD. You can literally be up and running in a few seconds, with a very low learning curve.

Matt Snyder

Project Manager at Euclid Technology

The software is very powerful, intuitive to use, and support has been responsive. One of the best features is the ability to preview the input or output of any step in the data flow.


User in Insurance

It is easy to use and fairly intuitive. Making connections between disparate systems is easy.

Sherry Giovinazzo

Programmer for CRC Industries

Easy to use. Training was well put together.


User in Higher Education

easily apply SQL database functionality within a user interface

Michael Cook


Support is really quality support and very informative.


User in Higher Education

This application is very easy to install and upgrade. The user interface is good.


User in Religious Institutions

Over all this is a good application for data integration.


Executive Sponsor in Non-Profit Organization Management

Wide variety of options in toolbox. Allows regional users flexibility on data sources and option to write own SQL code to populate source.


Administrator in Religious Institutions

It's greatly simplified sharing and synchronizing our data.

Dawn Bauer

Software Developer, Farmers Mutual Hail Insurance

Centerprise is a real easy and fast tool to get up and running. You can have a dataflow up and running in mere minutes compared to some other tools on the market. The interface is simple and pretty much everything is all in one place.

Don Smith

Sr. SW Implementation Specialist, Software Solutions, Inc.

WOW Why did we wait soooo long? Centerprise has reduced our lead time for conversions and increased our efficiencies as a conversion team.

Mario Ferrer

BI / DW Architect, Achievers.

I love this tool and I believe it has a lot of potential. Even with a market leader like Informatica, the SCD logic has to be manually built. With Centerprise this can be built in just a few minutes, and it impacts every mapping.

Phil Nacamuli

Principal, Leximantix LLC

Our client has a quicker, clearer and trustworthy business financial view enabling them to make well informed financial decisions. The ETL development group is twice as productive.

Stephanie Straitiff

GIS Coordinator/Town of West Springfield

Centerprise Data Integrator is easy to learn and easy to use. It allows me to move data from one database to another with the click of a button.

Cynthia Varela

IT Analyst/EP Energy

Speaking from a procurement specialist standpoint, the process of purchasing and obtaining updates for such product has been nothing but positive.

Bill Prehl

Director of Implementation Services/K12 Systems, Inc.

Outstanding features and flexibility for many ETL situations. It is an easy product to learn and the user interface provides excellent visibility at all stages of the ETL.

Lionel Ng

Analyst/Havi Global Solutions

A great ETL tool! It works great as a stand-alone desktop tool to quickly transform or check your data.

Carlos Manzanares

Software Developer, VinSolutions/AutoTrader

Centerprise has its good parts and its bad parts. It handles basic, simple ETL quite well. The amount of features and abilities cover a wide range of tasks.

Bola Olusanya

Managing Director Vanderbilt University

Centerprise met all our criteria for high development productivity, excellent performance, workflow design, and process automation.

Marcelo Keppy

Database Administrator, Goddard Systems

I've found Centerprise to be one of the most comprehensive and robust data integration tools in the market. It provides an endless number of great features to address any data transformation need.

William Zanzinger

Database Administrator, Goddard Systems

I wrote a lot of SSIS in the past, and I always dreaded it. Centerprise is a much different experience and makes developing ETL fun.

Mike Ethertton

Development Team Lead, VIN Solutions/AutoTrade

I unexpectedly inherited an ETL process that was integrated with Centerprise with very little transition time. It is user friendly enough that I am able to maintain the system with minimal experience. For most data flows I am able to make adjustments as needed. The prior admin set up alerts when there are errors which is helpful for me. Centerprise has been very reliable.

Harley Hess

Financial Services

Centerprise has been the essential ETL tool for the past 5 years within our data mapping and conversion teams.

Alex Sviridov

Oversees ETL at the Vanderbilt Office of Investments.

Great functionality and way cheaper than Informatica

Mark Rubin

Systems Analyst at Cognisight, LLC

The problem we faced was using SSIS to translate the complex XML schemas, which proved to be disastrous. Data Integrator allowed us to easily, and very quickly, stand up a solution at a VERY reasonable cost.

Bill Prehl

Director of Implementations at K12 Systems, Inc.

Realized huge gains in cost savings and time through ease of use and re-usability.


Administrator in Investment Management

I unexpectedly inherited an ETL process that was integrated with Centerprise with very little transition time. It is user friendly enough that I am able to maintain the system with minimal experience. For most data flows I am able to make adjustments as needed. The prior admin set up alerts when there are errors which is helpful for me. Centerprise has been very reliable.