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Astera ReportMiner

Astera ReportMiner solution allows organizations to automate data extraction from unstructured documents. The no-code interface enables users to create reusable,...


Astera Data Pipeline Builder

Astera Data Pipeline Builder is a no-code solution for designing and automating data pipelines. Using built-in connectors, users can read...


Astera API Management

Astera API Management is a code-free, design-centric API development solution that enables companies


Astera Data Warehouse Builder

Astera Data Warehouse Builder is an agile, metadata-driven data warehouse automation platform designed for the modern data landscape. It’s an...


Astera EDI Connect Datasheet

Astera EDI Connect is a no-code, end-to-end automation solution for transferring and translating EDI messages. Astera EDI Connect enables connectivity...


Astera Data Governance

Astera Data Governance allows cataloging an organization’s data assets and managing access from a centralized interface. Some of the data...


Astera Dataprep

Astera Dataprep is a self-service data preparation solution that allows business users to manipulate datasets in a visual, no-code interface.

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