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Video Demo: See Astera Centerprise Data Integration Tool in Action2021-01-29T11:46:14+00:00

Video Demo: See Astera Centerprise Data Integration Tool in Action

Build end-to-end data pipelines without writing a single line of code using intuitive drag-and-drop features in our enterprise data integration solution.  

  • Extract, Transform, and Load data from simple CSV, Excel, or fixed-length files to relational databases, JSON and XML files, hierarchical EDI, COBOL, to enterprise applications, cloud solutions, and data warehouses with just a few clicks.
  • Connect your data pipelines to over 40+ cloud applications including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Tableau, PowerBI, Oracle, SAP, Redshift, Vertica, and others using our built-in connectors.
  • Apply as many transformations as you want, prepare and cleanse data, add joins, filters, custom validation rules, advanced parsers, and make your data HIPAA and GDPR compliant.
  • With Astera Centerprise, you can do MORE with LESS by automating workflows and scheduling jobs on periodic and event-based triggers.

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