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Video Demo: Discover Astera ReportMiner

Automate data extraction from a variety of unstructured sources, like PDF forms, TXT, PRN, RTF, XLS, XLSX, and COBOL with simple AI-powered report models.

Built-in ETL and workflow automation functionality.

Expedite data preparation with features like name and address parsing, and a variety of drag-and-drop pre-built transformations.

Create custom data quality rules to ensure parsed data is in desired format.

Load extracted data to any destination of your choice using our extensive library of built-in connectors.

Interested in automating data extraction processes? Get in touch with our data extraction experts.

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Excellent Tool! ReportMiner is a very helpful tool, which makes our jobs much easier. We definitely recommend it!
Great Concept, Easy to Use. ReportMiner is a great product. It's extremely customizable to meet many different needs, and customer service has always been outstanding when I've needed help.
We get PDF reports that have one record of information on multiple lines. With ReportMiner we can easily harvest the information we need out of the report and put it in Excel. It is a great product that saves us time.
[ReportMiner] is intuitive, and powerful. What I like the most about ReportMiner is the ability to create functions and calculate fields. I like that to create the model is really easy, it has a tool to grab the rows just by clicking.
Product is relatively intuitive to use. Initially, I was given a beta version and had several problems to start. Customer service was good for those issues. Now that we have the workflows defined, things go smoothly.
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