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Data Model-Centric Approach to Data Warehousing2024-02-11T22:02:03+00:00

Data Model-Centric Approach to Data Warehousing

Data warehouses are well-knitted information powerhouses that store terabytes and petabytes of high-quality, query-able data, organized to meet the reporting needs of analysts and decision makers. For this, you need data models serving as the comprehensive logical wireframe woven from business requirements that illustrates how data points spread across various databases and applications in your enterprise ecosystem are connected.
In this whitepaper, we’ve shared a new approach to data warehousing ¬¬– a data model-centric approach. It covers:

In this white paper, we have compiled some key factors that will help you decide whether you should go for an in-house solution or buy a DWA tool for building your enterprise data warehouse.

  1. An overview of what the Data Model-Centric approach is all about
  2. How it streamlines the entire data warehouse development lifecycle
  3. How it automates and simplifies all the major phases of data warehouse development
  4. The benefits data warehouse and business teams reap from following this approach

The whitepaper also sheds light on how our data warehouse automation platform, Astera DW Builder, allows you to quickly develop, update, and iterate your data warehouse with ease using this approach.

Download this insightful whitepaper and unlock the automation route to designing your data warehouse schema that allows you to automate your DW deployment and population tasks.

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