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Enhance Your Data-to-Insights Venture Through Our Built-in SAP HANA Connector2024-02-11T03:08:32+00:00

Enhance Your Data-to-Insights Venture Through Our Built-in SAP HANA Connector

Perform near real-time data analytics by easily connecting to the in-memory SAP HANA database using Astera Centerprise. Our native connector enables you to build an integrated data architecture to power your business operations.

Enhance Your Data Pipeline Through Our Out-Of-The-Box Connectivity

Astera Centerprise enables you to connect the SAP HANA database with a variety of on-premise or cloud-based data systems. Easily build your data pipeline, improving your reporting and analytics processes, and accelerating the data-to-insights journey for your business.

Easy-to-Use Integrations With a Few Clicks

Fast-track your data processes, benefitting from our easy-to-use, code-free interface. Get an instant data preview after enriching your data by applying drag-and-drop transformations. The Data Source browser feature will enable you to view all your tables and related data, making your data analysis process agile and easy.

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Optimal Performance Throughout Your Data Processes

Process large datasets without any difficulty through our pushdown optimization mode. Run data processes simultaneously through Centerprise’s parallel processing engine, getting optimum network latency and performance. Get swift integrations through our bulk load support and near real-time data synchronization.

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Perform SAP HANA data Integrations to over 40 Sources and Destinations

Easily integrate SAP HANA database to a number of data systems through Centerprise’s 40+ built-in connectors. Connect to disparate databases, cloud applications, web services, or enterprise applications. Prepare data and export to BI and visualization tools for in-depth analytics.

SAP HANA and PostgreSQL

Consolidate data with PostgreSQL, building a connection between the two databases. Merge, sort, filter, and join your enterprise data, bringing it to a unified format using our drag-and-drop transformations.

SAP HANA and Salesforce

Connect your Salesforce data to the SAP HANA database and drive advantage from near real-time data analytics. Easily integrate your customer management data into the database to increase the efficiency of your sales tasks.

SAP HANA with MS Excel

Import/export data to and from SAP HANA to MS Excel. Format your data according to your needs to get the maximum usability according to your enterprise’s needs.

SAP HANA with Tableau

Migrate your data to Tableau easily through Centerprise. Perform data-driven analysis through visualization, and derive valuable insights from your data, streamlining your decision-making processes.

SAP HANA with MS Dynamics

Enhance your customer relationship management efforts by connecting the SAP HANA database to MS Dynamics. Create workflows for quick and automated data integrations of large amounts of data.

SAP HANA with Snowflake

Gain easy and quick access to Snowflake, performing seamless integrations. Transform, cleanse, and load your data to the cloud-based platform to store, manage, share, and consume information assets.

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Find out more about how you can configure the Astera Centerprise SAP HANA connector to use the database as both a source and a destination.
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Blogs on SAP HANA Connector

Learn how to extract real-time insights from SAP HANA database. Read about use-cases, case studies, and find out more about our database connectors.
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Over 40 Connectors To Choose From

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Frequently Asked Questions About SAP HANA Connector

You can use the Astera Centerprise SAP HANA connector to easily convert data to and from the SAP HANA database. Our ETL platform can help you load SAP HANA data from and to over 40 data sources and destinations.

Yes. Astera Centerprise allows you to easily extract and transform data from SAP HANA to any other application. You can use the Centerprise built-in transformations to prepare and enrich data. We offer over 100 transformations to create unique data models that you can load to your desired destination.

You can load as many data points as you want. Centerprise data integration software also lets you load data in bulk. Since our solution is deployed on-premise and comes with a parallel processing engine, it depends on your system’s performance as to how many data points can be loaded at once. 

Yes, Centerprise is built on a cluster-based architecture that allows jobs to run in parallel. With that said, it also offers automatic distribution across multiple nodes when transferring data from source to destination.

Astera Centerprise supports both ETL and ELT modes for integrating data to and from your SAP HANA database to other databases. You can transform data while doing migration from source to destination databases through pushdown optimization mode which run directly on the database server, reducing or even eliminating the need for data to travel to and from Centerprise server.