Seamless, Code-Free REST API Connectivity for Real-Time Data Access2024-02-10T05:25:05+00:00

Seamless, Code-Free REST API Connectivity for Real-Time Data Access

Connect to web and cloud-based applications, integrate data across databases, files, and other enterprise systems.

Connect REST APIs With Your Backend Systems to Power Your Enterprise Operations

Leverage public and private REST APIs to create data processes that enhance data accessibility. Query REST API data, transform and validate it according to the business rules, and enrich your data assets to drive value and gain real-time insights.

Codelessly Connect to External Systems, Applications, And Tools

Ingest data from a REST data source, including applications, websites, or web services, without worrying about the underlying complexities. The REST Client connector rapidly creates API connections that can be used to access data existing outside of the enterprise walls and seamlessly integrates it with your data pipelines.

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Cleanse, Transform, And Integrate Data in A Single Platform

Get on-demand access to data from any endpoint and execute your entire integration process from cleansing to transformation and data transfer in a unified platform. Use pre-defined transformations to join, aggregate, filter, and sort data. Leverage built-in data quality rules to check and validate incoming records, ensuring data accuracy and reliability.

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Use Our Pre-Defined Connectors to Integrate REST APIs With Over 40 Sources and Destinations

Execute an extensive range of data integration use cases using our native connectors and point-and-click user interface.

REST APIs with Amazon Redshift

Access data from REST APIs, consolidate it with other enterprise systems and analyze third-party data using scalable modern cloud platforms, like Amazon Redshift. Effortlessly change the format of your source data using pre-built transformations and ensure data consistency across all platforms.

REST APIs with PowerBI

Get in-depth insights into your application integration processes by visualizing reports using PowerBI. Utilize this data to improve business processes and deliver better customer service.

REST APIs with Teradata

Easily configure Teradata connector and connect it with any database, application, web service, and more. Synch data between different systems and create automated workflows using drag-and-drop UI.

REST APIs with MS Dynamics

Streamline your sales and marketing pipelines by integrating customer data residing in MS Dynamics with other enterprise applications using REST APIs.

REST APIs with Vertica

Integrate Vertica and REST API data using out-of-the-box connectors. Consolidate and analyze high-volume structured and semi-structured data in Vertica’s column-oriented architecture, and streamline your business intelligence.

REST APIs with SQL Server

Consume customer and sales data from different web application platforms like Jira, Marketo, Zoho, etc., transform it according to the business requirements, and store it in SQL Server.

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Find out how to configure Astera Centerprise’s REST API connector to ETL your data efficiently.
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Blogs on Astera Centerprise

Learn how to extract real-time insights using Astera Centerprise. Read about use-cases, case studies, and find out more about our connectors.
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Over 40 Connectors To Choose From

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Frequently Asked Questions about Our REST API Connector

You can use the Astera Centerprise’s API connector to easily consume data from public and private REST APIs. Our ETL platform can help you integrate data with over 40 data sources and destinations.

Yes. Astera Centerprise allows you to easily ingest and transform data from REST APIs to any other application. You can use the Centerprise built-in transformations to prepare and enrich data. We offer over 100 transformations to create unique integration that you can load to your desired destination.