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ETL Your Enterprise Data using our Native MYSQL Connector

Liberate your business data. Create end-to-end data integrations with an out-of-the-box database connector for  MYSQL data.

Configure MySQL Connectivity in Minutes

Move your MySQL data to a destination of your choice using our intuitive drag-and-drop UI. Connect MySQL with a range of leading RDBMS, CRM solutions, cloud data warehouses, applications, and unstructured sources using Astera Centerprise.

Transform Your MySQL Data

Astera Centerprise offers an extensive range of built-in transformations that can be applied to filter, parse, validate, and merge your MySQL data in the format of your choice.
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Automate MySQL Data Integration 

Create data mappings, run multiple workflows, and leverage our industrial strength ETL engine or powerful pushdown optimization features to process high-volume integrations to and from your MySQL database.
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A Wide Array of Integrations Possible with MySQL Database Connector

Effortlessly integrate MySQL data with 40+ connectors. Define inputs, optimize performance, and manage extraction and loading using an intuitive layout builder.

MySQL with Salesforce

Import/export MySQL data to and from Salesforce with just a few clicks. Migrate lead lists, customer histories, call logs, sales dashboards, touchpoint recordings and much more.

MySQL with Oracle

Migrate data from MySQL to Oracle and back with MySQL connector. Reorganize, cleanse,  validate, and restructure datasets to match destination tables with a range of drag & drop transformations.

MySQL with Redshift

Import MySQL data into Amazon Redshift without coding. Use Centerprise Redshift connector to migrate data to and from your cloud data warehouse. Leverage smart transformations to enrich your streaming data.

MySQL with Microsoft Azure

With Centerprise, you can easily migrate data from MySQL to Azure and vice versa. Our staging area lets you standardize and transform data, insert/edit records before loading them to destination tables.

MySQL with Microsoft Power BI

Export data in bulk, add transformations, create workflows, and automate them with just a few clicks using Centerprise. Get high-quality, consolidated data that’s ready for reporting in PowerBI.

MySQL with SQL Server

Convert data from MySQL to SQL Server and back with GUI data mapping in Centerprise. Easily apply records and set level transformations to inputs for each table before importing or extracting from SQL Server.

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Find out more about Astera Centerprise features including parameterization, pushdown optimization, hierarchical data integration, query optimization, transformations, and data models.
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Blogs on MySQL Connectors

Learn how to extract real-time insights from MySQL databases. Read about use-cases, case studies, and find out more about our database connector.
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Over 40+ Connectors To Choose From

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Frequently Asked Questions About MySQL Connectors

You can use the Astera Centerprise MySQL connector to easily convert data to and from MySQL databases. Our ETL platform can help you load MySQL data from and to over 40 data sources and destinations.

Yes. Astera Centerprise allows you to easily extract, transform, and load data from MySQL to any other application. You can use the Centerprise built-in transformations to prepare and enrich data. We offer over 100 transformations to create unique data models that you can load to your desired destination.

You can load as many data points as you want. Centerprise MySQL data integration software also lets you load data in bulk. Since our solution is deployed on-premise and comes with a parallel processing engine, it depends on your system’s performance as to how many data points can be loaded at once. 

Yes, Centerprise is built on a cluster-based architecture that allows jobs to run in parallel. With that said, it also offers automatic distribution across multiple nodes when transferring data from source to destination.

Astera Centerprise supports both ETL and ELT modes for integrating data to and from your MySQL database to other databases. Our software offers pushdown optimization to transform data directly on both the source or the destination databases. Using SQL queries it can quickly override written transformations and enhance data processing.