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Integrate Amazon Aurora Data with Our Built-in Connector2024-02-11T02:05:21+00:00

Create Efficient Cloud Data Pipelines with Our Built-in Amazon Aurora Connector

Connect to the Amazon Aurora database and integrate your enterprise data with cloud platforms, file formats, and databases of your choice to make quicker and more informed decisions.

Define Schema and Create Amazon Aurora Database Tables from Flat Files

Extract data from Delimited source files and use our Amazon Aurora connector to populate database tables. Set field lengths and data types, define whether or not null values are allowed, and write expressions to calculate values of fields.

Use Built-in Transformations to Enrich Your Data

Choose from a variety of transformations including Join, Normalize, Aggregate, and Filter to enrich your Amazon Aurora data. Standardize, lean, and align data from 40+ cloud platforms, databases, and file formats and load it to your Amazon Aurora database.

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Minimize Manual Input with Our Job Scheduler

Automate execution at fixed schedules or set event-based triggers for workflows with our Job Scheduler to minimize the need to manually execute processes.

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Integrate Amazon Aurora Database with 40+ Sources and Destinations

Connect to over 40 databases, cloud platforms, and file formats with Astera Centerprise. Enrich your data with out-of-the-box transformations, clean and validate records, and make your data analysis-ready.

Amazon Aurora with Salesforce

Integrate Salesforce with Amazon Aurora to get a consolidated view of your customer and sales information. Validate your crucial data according to business rules using the Expression transformation and Data Cleanse object.

Amazon Aurora with MySQL

Integrate MySQL with Amazon Aurora to create a replica of your data in the cloud. Leverage Amazon Aurora’s capabilities to scale up your business processes with minimal downtime.

Amazon Aurora with PowerBI

Improve visualization to identify trends in your data and make better decisions by integrating your Amazon Aurora database with PowerBI.

Amazon Aurora with Excel

Extract data from Excel sheets, apply transformations to add value, and build an Amazon Aurora database using our built-in connectors.

Amazon Aurora with MariaDB

Load Amazon Aurora data to your MariaDB tables and vice versa with our powerful built-in connectors. Restructure your data according to your business needs and improve your decision-making abilities.

Amazon Aurora with Email

Download email attachments and create Amazon Aurora database tables all without any manual intervention. Set event-based triggers to automate the downloading and mapping process and transform your data to make it destination-ready all on our intuitive visual interface.

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Find out more about Astera Centerprise features and how to connect to Amazon Aurora as a source.
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Blogs on Amazon Aurora Connectors

Learn how to extract real-time insights from Amazon Aurora databases. Read about use-cases, case studies, and find out more about our database connector.
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Over 40+ Connectors To Choose From

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You can use the Astera Centerprise Amazon Aurora connector to easily convert data to and from Redshift databases. Our ETL platform can help you load Amazon Aurora data from and to over 40 data sources and destinations.

Yes. Astera Centerprise allows you to easily extract, transform, and load data from Amazon Aurora to any other application. You can use the Centerprise built-in transformations to prepare and enrich data. We offer over 100 transformations to create unique data models that you can load to your desired destination.

You can load as many data points as you want. Centerprise Amazon Aurora data integration software also lets you load data in bulk. Since our solution is deployed on-premise and comes with a parallel processing engine, it depends on your system’s performance as to how many data points can be loaded at once. 

Yes, Centerprise is built on a cluster-based architecture that allows jobs to run in parallel. With that said, it also offers automatic distribution across multiple nodes when transferring data from source to destination.

Astera Centerprise supports both ETL and ELT modes for integrating data to and from your Amazon Aurora database to other databases. Our software offers pushdown optimization to transform data directly on both the source or the destination databases. It can quickly override written transformations and enhance data processing.