Turn Big Data into Big Value

The advent of e-commerce, mobile devices, and social networking platforms has not only provided new channels of customer engagements to the retail industry, but also resulted in an explosion of data.

To understand customer expectations, reduce time to market, and boost product sales, retail businesses need a solution that can help them leverage this data at its ever-accelerating volume, velocity, and variety.

Astera Software offers a suite of enterprise-ready data extraction, data integration, data warehousing, and electronic data interchange (EDI) solutions to help the retail industry capitalize on the opportunities offered by big data.

*The video demonstrates one of the many use-cases that our product can solve for the retail industry

Astera Centerprise allows you to:

Use our data integration solution to integrate data among ERP systems, on-premise databases, legacy systems, cloud solutions, and web services to gain a 360-degree view of customers, along with their needs and preferences.

Expedite partner onboarding, streamline B2B data exchange, and fulfill EDI requirements to partner with Amazon, eBay, CVS, and other online retailers with our electronic data interchange (EDI) solution.

Easily extract unstructured data coming in the form of photos, videos, customer reviews, and comments on social networking websites and turn it into meaningful information with our data extraction solution.

Build a centralized repository of all your product, supplier, and customer data and integrate it with a BI tool to interpret sales trends and analyze and predict customer buying preferences with our automated data warehousing solution.

Leverage our extensive library of connectors to integrate data from POS, ERP, and CRM solutions and offer your marketing and support team a complete view of customers and their needs .

Operating in over 900 locations, the food services distributor needed a more efficient way to transform and import supplier data to an internal system without manual copying. Astera Software offered them the required functionality and helped them overcome the data integration challenge.


The information systems (IS) department of City of Lodi uses Centerprise to integrate data contained in DB2, SQL Server, MySQL, and Oracle databases and share it with internal and external customers.


Responsible to administer the finances of the UMC, the General Council on Finance and Administration (GCFA) chose Centerprise as its preferred ETL tool due to its ease of use, performance, and cost-effectiveness.


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