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Simplify Retail Data Exchange with Astera EDI Connect2024-02-11T13:22:47+00:00

Why Choose Astera EDI Connect for Your Retail Data Exchange

Effortlessly transform complex financial data into readable formats without requiring coding expertise.

Adhere to stringent GDPR guidelines for robust data protection and individual privacy and uphold PCS standards for reliable communication services.

Ensure accurate and error-free data transactions with built-in and user-defined checks.

Save time and effort by automating file transfers, generating acknowledgments, and sending emails.

Handle demanding banking and mortgage data volumes with a highly adaptable architecture.

Leverage advanced ETL functionality to further process received EDI data and easily store it in databases, make service calls, or store it in data warehouses.

Take advantage of Astera’s unified platform that offers AI-powered data extraction, ELT, ETL warehousing, and API lifecycle management capabilities.

Ingest various file types hassle-free, such as loan documents and financial records, while easily monitoring their movement throughout the data exchange process.

Create custom transaction sets to meet specific partner requirements (financial institutions, mortgage lenders, and insurance companies), promoting seamless collaboration.

Simplify EDI complexities with intuitive parsing, building, and validation tools, enable in-house handling, and reduce reliance on costly VANs.

CCHP Achieves 99% Approval, $100K Savings with Astera’s EDI Solution!

“Each change in the file done manually used to take 3 hours, which would average to about 2 days per month or 192 hours/$6500 per year. Now it takes just 5 minutes. “

– Amanda Moede, Health Plan Data Analyst, Children Community Health Plan (CCHP)

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EDI enables seamless and automated communication between retailers, suppliers, and other trading partners. By using a set of predefined formats and protocols.


One solution is EDI integration. EDI, or Electronic Data Interchange, plays a vital role in optimizing supply chain management by automating these activities and providing real-time visibility into the supply chain.


By replacing paper-based methods with standardized electronic formats, EDI enables organizations to transmit orders, invoices, and shipping notifications quickly, accurately, and securely.


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