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DexKo is a leading manufacturer company that specializes in providing a range of products and solutions for the recreational vehicle (RV) and trailer industries. With 137 locations worldwide, the company offers a comprehensive portfolio of components, assemblies, and related services to manufacturers, dealers, and distributors in the RV market. DexKo offers solutions in areas such as chassis technology, suspension systems, axle and brake systems, towing products, leveling and stabilization systems, and other related accessories.   

Use Case  

DexKo was receiving data from 60 different systems, all in different formats. Their IT team, consisting of only five members, supported 137 global locations. This small team had the responsibility of manually handling data extraction requests from every business user, which was costing the company time and money. Additionally, accessing some of these data sources was complicated due to the presence of firewalls.  

The manual execution also led to a backlog of business users’ requests. Dexko needed to streamline and automate the data extraction process in order to reduce costs. They decided to establish a unified global system by integrating existing data from disparate sources.  

Enter Astera Data Stack  

DexKo sought a solution to empower business users and reduce their reliance on IT resources. DexKo decided on Astera Data Stack as it provided a comprehensive solution to all their data consolidation, extraction, and transformation problems. This shift in responsibility freed up their IT team to focus their time on strategic initiatives that could boost their operational efficiency even more.  

Using Astera Data Stack’s no-code data pipeline, DexKo seamlessly integrated disparate systems such as ERP, SaaS, SAP, Dynamics on-premises, and Dynamics 365. Astera Data Stack enabled continuous connectivity with key platforms, including Dynamics AX, SQL Server, ADP API, Active Directory (LDAP), AzureSQL/Synapse, and SAP. This holistic integration provided DexKo with a comprehensive view of their global operations, effortlessly bringing together data from all kinds of sources. DexKo was able to derive actionable insights from the consolidated data and achieve their vision of a unified data landscape, enhancing clarity and operational efficiency.  

To overcome the challenge of extracting data behind firewalls, Astera Data Stack utilized the Relay Server functionality. Acting as an intermediary, the Relay Server connected the source systems behind the firewall with Astera’s data pipeline solution. By consolidating data from different systems and leveraging the Relay Server functionality, DexKo successfully broke down data silos and gained valuable insights.


DexKo Global is a worldwide provider of advanced running gear technology, chassis assemblies, and associated components. With manufacturing facilities and distribution centers spread across the globe, DexKo ensures efficient production and delivery of high-quality products. 


Automotive Parts 


Astera Data Stack 

Use Case 

With approximately 60 different systems spread across their global operations, Dexko needed to establish a unified global system by integrating existing data from disparate sources. By enabling connectivity with Dynamics AX, SQL Server, ADP API, Active Directory (LDAP), AzureSQL/Synapse, and SAP, Astera Data Stack facilitated a comprehensive view of DexKo’s global operations. 


With Astera Data Stack, DexKo was able to reduce time spent on data extraction and data transformations by 40%. 

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Furthermore, DexKo smoothly incorporated SAP data by using Astera Data Stack’s SAP BAPI and REST APIs. Astera Data Stack’s data pipeline solution smoothly connected with DexKo’s chosen data warehouse platform, Azure Synapse. This collaboration enabled the quick creation of a centralized data warehouse, serving as the trusted source for DexKo’s data. As a result of using Astera Data Stack, DexKo was able to simplify their data extraction and transformation process, providing them a significant reduction in time of up to 40%. Their IT support requests reduced by 50% since the business users were able to use the no-code platform with minimal IT intervention. 


“Astera Software provided exceptional customer service, exceeding expectations at every step. Their prompt and knowledgeable support team went above and beyond to resolve issues quickly, ensuring a smooth and satisfying experience.”

– DEXKO Employee

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