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Easily connect Google Cloud Storage to your data architecture with Astera’s native Google Cloud Storage connector. Build efficient, reusable, and self-powered data pipelines to send Google Cloud data into a data warehouse.

Enrich Your Google Cloud Data with Astera

Got data stored on Google Cloud storage? Increase the value of your data by integrating it with other sources in your data ecosystem. Create a single source of truth and extract valuable insights without writing a single line code.

Astera has native connectors to popular data warehouses, databases, cloud storage, and file formats. Just drag and drop Google Cloud Storage and any other sources in the data pipeline designer, extract data from them, massage it with built-in sophisticated transformations and send it to the destination of your choice.

Make Better and Faster Decisions with Quality Data on Google Cloud

Expedite Data Migration to Google Cloud Storage

Introducing Google Cloud Storage in your data architecture gives you the agility and scalability that legacy systems cannot match. Whether you want to modernize your data architecture, or use the cloud for data replication, backups, or archiving, Astera Centerprise takes away the complexity in working with the cloud. Use Astera’s code-free environment and powerful parallel processing ETL engines to complete your migration journeys within time and budget.

Ensure Google Cloud Data Quality with Powerful transformations

Your decisions are as good as the quality of your data. With Astera’s extensive library of built-in transformations, you can clean, validate, and massage data before delivering it to the cloud. With Astera’s code-free transformations, you can ensure that you always have analytics-ready data on your fingertips.

Accelerate Google Cloud Data transfer to Data warehouse for Faster Analytics

Integrate your Google Cloud Data with other data sources and load it to a Data warehouse such as Snowflake, Amazon Redshift or Oracle for in-depth analytics. With Astera, you can publish data to a data warehouse at scale within minutes to derive crucial business intelligence.

Automate your Data Pipelines for Accurate and Up-to-Date Data

Expedite your cloud migration by creating automated data pipelines to Google Cloud or orchestrate the movement of data from Google Cloud to a data warehouse. Astera’s powerful job scheduling features take away the burden of manually maintaining your data architecture, saving you time and resources.

Get Hassle-Free access to Google Cloud Storage with Astera

Complement Google Cloud Storage with Astera to read and write data to the cloud in a code-free environment.

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