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Astera Use Case: Automating Data Flow From PDFs to Amazon S3 at Retailzy

Struggling with extracting data from PDF invoices for analysis? Read this whitepaper to find out how we can help you design an end-to-end architecture that takes you from PDF invoices to XML files uploaded in Amazon S3 within minutes

Retailzy, a business processing outsourcing company has ambitious plans to expand its business beyond California. However, it is facing a bottleneck in its data analysis department that cannot keep up with the company’s growth plans.

The data analysis department receives around 5000 PDF invoices every month for analysis. The department has to manually download each invoice from email, extract data from OCR and enter data into a data management software that has limited automation capabilities.

The company uses Amazon S3 for its storage needs and the data analysis department has to individually upload each converted file on the cloud.

With Astera Report Miner, the company has been able to completely revamp its data extraction process and carry on with its expansion plan. In this white paper, we will show you how Retailzy used Astera Report Miner to:

  • Automates data extraction from PDF invoices with different formats
  • Validate all incoming data
  • Upload converted data to Amazon S3 without any manual intervention

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