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Key Takeaways

  • Overcoming the challenges of the manual vendor onboarding approach 
  • A use-case based demonstration on reducing vendor onboarding cycles through data integration automation 
  • How Astera Centerprise leverages drag-and-drop-connectors, intuitive data validation features, and process orchestration tools to handle each phase of vendor onboarding
  • Ascertain the cost/time benefits a seamless business-to-vendor data exchange can bring to your organization


Astera Use Case: Reducing Vendor Onboarding Time with Automated Data Integration

About the webinar

Businesses with global supply chains rely heavily on collaborations with local and regional vendors and partners to deliver products and services to meet consumer demands effectively. Establishing point-to-point connections for every new vendor for ongoing data exchange requires creating custom integration flows to ensure that business users are receiving standardized data for subsequent processes.

This webinar sheds light on how global enterprises can leverage automated data integration to slash their partner and vendor onboarding time from months and days to just a few hours and unburden their IT resources.

Mike A. O’Quinn

Mike A. O’Quinn has been associated with Astera Software for over 15 years, leading the product development and IT departments as the Chief Technology Officer.

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