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Streamline and Integrate Your Mergers and Acquisitions Data2024-04-01T12:20:15+00:00

Why should you choose Astera for accelerated M & A integration?

Get Comprehensive Insights on Your Shared Processes

Match and merge complementary data across organizations to get a complete view of your operations.

Catch duplicates and inaccuracies before they reach their target systems. Implement checks to keep out any records that don’t clear your internal criteria. 

Align incoming data formats with your internal systems and integrate these new sources into your analytics right away. 

Build a data pipeline that instantly accounts for updates, modifications, and deletions in external sources.

Steps to integrate M & A data with Astera

When you’re executing a merger or acquisition you need an intuitive interface to make the process as smooth as possible. Astera empowers you to explore, visualize, interact, and modify data in an interactive and user-friendly manner.

With Astera, you can review the changes made to track the history, providing greater transparency and control over the merging process. 

Use codeless joins, unions, and lookups to match and combine corresponding datasets. 

Leverage smart mapping features to standardize inputs and integrate them with your records.

Perform lookups and correct any unmatched data to suit your internal systems. 

Synchronize systems, applications, and services with a variety of Change Data Capture features. 

Choose from an array of out-of-the box connectors to create point-to-point connections between key processes in each organization. 

Automate the transfer of acquired data using trigger-based job scheduling tools. 

Learn more about how Astera can help you in your M & A integration journey.

Don’t take our word for it.

CRC Cuts Development Time by Half for Large-Scale Data Migration to the Cloud

It is a good thing to have Astera, and while we bought it mainly for data migration, I see a lot more opportunities to use it. And that’s, of course, a winning situation.

CRC Cuts Development Time by Half for Large-Scale Data Migration to the Cloud

On top of the hours and weeks (Astera) has saved the data reporting team, it has actually increased our revenue by over $100,000 because of the higher accuracy of data sent to the state.




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