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Processed over 2 billion records

In over 5000 database tables

Scalable Data Migration Framework

Being implemented over several brands

 Al Shaya Group Utilizes Astera Centerprise to Develop a Successful Data Migration Framework

Alshaya Group is a leading name in international brand franchising. The family-owned enterprise has grown substantially over the past several years and currently owns over 4000 stores carrying over 90 renowned brands. Alshaya Group’s core values revolve around delivering a stellar customer experience across its diverse range of brand categories.

The brand franchise operator wanted to overhaul its existing legacy data structure to streamline the process for onboarding new brands, enhance supply chain visibility for each brand category, and expedite new projects. The digital transformation required the right technology for moving historical data to a new enterprise data warehouse. The organization needed an efficient tool that would allow them to move data between source and target systems while giving them the option to enrich and validate data before loading it into the data warehouse.

Alshaya Group partnered with Astera Software and DvSum to combine their technologies and bridge the people, process, and technology gaps in their existing approach. Astera Centerprise served as the primary tool for data integration, allowing the organization to populate the enterprise data warehouse with clean, trusted data.

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