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Technology Solutions


High-performance data warehousing ETL features in a unified, intuitive environment.

 Data Migration

Unique hierarchical data processing technologies to automate and streamline data integration processes.

 Data Integration

A simple yet powerful single platform for complex, hierarchical integration that distills complicated coding into simple drag-and-drop operations.

 Data Mapping

User-friendly interface, enabling users to transform advanced tasks into basic drag-and-drop or single-click commands, improving productivity and efficiency when mapping, validating, and cleansing data.


Centerprise supports a variety of change data capture strategies, including both batch and real-time, enabling you to select the appropriate strategy for your environment and requirements.


Full electronic data interchange functionality for operational cost savings, increased processing speed, reduced errors, and improved relationships with business partners.

 Complex Data 

Complex doesn't need to be complicated. The Centerprise visual, code-free environment parses, transforms and loads data from a broad range of sources.


Centerprise smart, powerful, and scalable ETL enables you to extract data from any source, transform it to suit your needs, and load it into your database or data warehouse with complete confidence in its reliability.

 Data Extraction

Extract information from printed documents in popular formats using an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface.