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Data Warehousing2023-02-13T10:41:47+00:00

Going from data to value at lightning speed is the recipe for success in today’s hyper-competitive business landscape. To derive value, enterprises set up data warehouses to store, process, and supply trusted data from various business functions for accurate reporting and analyses. Agility is key here; and for that, businesses need a data warehousing approach that facilitates building fast analytical solutions and responding quickly to change.

Built upon Astera’s industrial-strength ETL engine and refined by years of use by Fortune 1000 companies, Astera DW Builder is data warehousing software that allows you to lead with speed through its robust data warehouse automation capabilities. The solution accelerates design, development, and implementation phases by automating low-level repetitive tasks, allowing the business to refocus resources on optimizing data processes and generating winning results.

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How Data Warehousing Works

Enterprises generate and receive large amounts of data from every business function that are stored in separate operational systems and in a variety of formats. A data warehouse enables you to integrate this disparate data into a single source of truth, persist it in a report-oriented data structure, and create a centralized gateway to perform analytics at enterprise-scale.


Engineer data models from your source database or adopt a model-driven approach to create dimensional data models from scratch based on your business requirements with our data warehouse solution. With Astera DW Builder, you have the flexibility to develop your data warehouse according to your BI needs. For conversion into star or snowflake schema, this data warehouse solution offers drag-and-drop table merge feature and easily editable fact and dimension roles and properties.


Astera DW Builder uses intelligent mapping techniques to map source entities to the destination automatically. With zero-code ETL/ELT flow generation, users can take data from source to target warehouse with simple drag-and-drop actions. The platform offers plenty of transformations to profile, cleanse, massage, and validate data based on business rules and standardization needs.

Once your data warehouse is functional, you can utilize the platform’s robust job scheduling and monitoring features to set it on self-driving mode. Once executed, DW Builder will automatically handle refreshing the data warehouse new data based on the defined frequency.


Astera DW Builder simplifies analyzing and querying data through its built-in OData module. Users can expose the warehouse data or dimensional data models using the OData service and visualize it in the industry-leading BI tools, such as Tableau, Domo, Power BI, and QlikView. Create interactive charts by exporting data directly, and keep the dashboards updated using Astera DW Builder’s powerful job scheduling features.

As an end-to-end business intelligence solution, Astera Data Warehouse Builder offers native integration with the foremost visualization software providers: Tableau, PowerBI, and QlikView. Create interactive charts by exporting data directly, and keep the dashboards updated using Astera Data Warehouse Builder’s powerful job scheduling features.

Explore the Agile Way to Building your Cloud Data Warehouse

Go from Source to Insights at Unprecedented Speeds

Combining the power of advanced data modeling features and parallel processing ETL/ELT engine with enhanced automation capabilities, Astera DW Builder allows businesses to speed up time-to-information and reduce dependency on IT, ensuring that business users have the right data at the right time.

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An All-Round Platform for Data Warehouse Development

Intuitive enough that developers and non-developers alike can use it, Astera DW Builder puts all the tools a business needs to build a data warehouse end-to-end through a single unified platform.

Codeless Development

Astera DW Builder’s intuitive, code-free interface enables your data warehouse team to develop and execute data models and integration flows completely on the logical level, while doing all the heavy-lifting related to code generation on the backend.

Intuitively Model Business Data

Astera DW Builder enables users to visually create dimensional models or data vaults automatically from the reverse engineered or imported data models with just a few clicks.

Bring Your Business Data from On-Prem and Cloud Sources

The extensive connectivity options ensure that businesses can use all major cloud platforms and on-premise databases, like Snowflake, Microsoft Azure, IBM DB2, Oracle, MariaDB, Vertica, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, SAP, and many others, both as your source and destination.

Manage Historical Data Easily

Astera DW Builder lets users select how Slowly Changing Dimensions are handled in the data warehouse and choose how they want to track history directly from the drop-down in Dimension properties.

Connect to a Wide Range of Sources and Destinations

The extensive connectivity options ensure that businesses can use all major cloud and on-premise databases and cloud-based data warehouses as both source and destination.

Derive Greater Query Performance with Push-Down Optimization (ELT)

Leverage the advanced processing power of your target databases and data warehouses by pushing the transformation logic down to the destination and reduce the time taken to transform large data sets.

Analyze Data Lineage and Impact

Track the flow of data from source to target, or from target to source to study a scaled-down view of lineage based on metadata, and validate relationships.

Scale with Cloud Deployment

Take your data warehouse deployment to any major cloud providers, including Snowflake, Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, Azure Synapse Analytics, SAP Data Warehouse, and Amazon Redshift. Leverage the processing power, elasticity, and scalability of the cloud coupled with the development speed of Astera DW Builder to get the ideal solution to meet your data analysis, business intelligence, and reporting needs.

Generate Integration Flows with Ease

Once mapping is complete and high-level loading strategy is specified, the user can generate the dataflows and workflows along with underlying ETL code to populate the data warehouse automatically.

Move On-premise Data Securely to the Cloud

Connect and transfer enterprise data from your private on-prem network to your cloud data warehouse securely with the Centerprise DB agent.

Ensure Data Readiness with 500+ Built-in Transformations

Profile, cleanse, and validate data to ensure readiness for the data warehouse using the built-in data quality transformations; use field and record level logs to determine errors and failure rate.

Build Analytics and Reporting Dashboards Instantly

Populate visualization dashboards and generate business reports in real-time with interactive charts directly from the data warehouse in leading BI tools using the built-in OData module.

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