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Astera EDIConnect: Seamless B2B Data Exchange with a Powerful EDI Solution

Astera EDIConnect is an industry-leading EDI solution designed to simplify and optimize the electronic exchange of data between trading partners. Whether you need to expedite partner onboarding or streamline your business operations, our EDI solution provides a comprehensive set of user-friendly features and tools. It features our high-performance EDI translator, validator, and transaction builder, enabling you to exchange various documents, such as invoices, seamlessly. With its intuitive, drag-and-drop UI, EDIConnect empowers you to manage partner relationships at a whole new level without requiring expensive developer resources. Not only that, but you can also automate workflows to reduce cycle times and strengthen collaboration across the supply chain. Experience the transformative potential of EDI and take your business to new heights of efficiency and profitability with Astera EDIConnect—a robust EDI solution.


How Astera’s EDI Solution Works

Discover the power of seamless data integration and streamlined business processes with Astera’s Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) solution. EDI enables you to exchange electronic documents in a standardized format, effortlessly connecting trading partners and enhancing operational efficiency. At its core, an Astera’s EDI solution works by translating data from internal systems into a universally accepted format, such as EDI X12 or EDIFACT, facilitating secure transmission to trading partners through various communication protocols. Whether it’s purchase orders, invoices, or shipping notifications, EDI ensures accurate and seamless information exchange, eliminating manual data entry and reducing errors.

Sending an EDI Document



Unlock the true potential of seamless data exchange with Astera EDIConnect, the go-to EDI solution for every business. Extract data from multiple sources and map it onto the required X12 or EDIFACT format effortlessly.

Our highly intuitive EDI builder empowers even the business users to build EDI integrations and messages without the need for expensive developer assistance. With a wide array of pre-built transformations and seamless connectivity to various data sources, our EDI solution simplifies the process of creating EDI integrations.

Bid farewell to complex coding and say hello to a user-friendly EDI platform that puts you in control.



Avoid processing delays, incorrect fulfillment, and chargebacks caused by bad EDI data. Astera EDIConnect, a powerful EDI solution, provides a built-in validator to ensure accurate and seamless data exchange.

Integrated with the transaction builder, the validator enables you to easily check EDI messages for empty or invalid data elements, length restrictions, data types, and more.

With Astera EDIConnect, you can trust that your EDI data is error-free, saving you time, resources, and potential headaches.

Experience hassle-free EDI document validation and streamline your business processes with confidence—all with a unified EDI solution.



Orchestrate efficient, reliable, and secure data transmission with Astera EDIConnect. Our EDI solution empowers you to transmit data seamlessly through AS2, FTP, or email, ensuring flexibility and convenience in choosing the most suitable communication method.

For frequent transactions, Astera EDIConnect offers powerful process orchestration capabilities. Easily define customized workflows that automate file uploads, invoke data maps for transformation, and even send notifications via email.

Leverage the robust transmission capabilities of a modern EDI solution and send your EDI documents with ease and confidence.

Receiving an EDI Document



Simplify and streamline your EDI document reception process with an advanced EDI solution. Our high-performance EDI translator is designed to effortlessly handle large hierarchical files, making data parsing a breeze.

Parsing involves interpreting the raw EDI data and extracting the relevant information from it. The EDI solution processes the incoming document and identifies the segments, elements, and values according to the specific EDI standard used.

The cluster-based architecture and intuitive drag-and-drop interface of our EDI solution further enhance EDI data parsing and processing.

Experience the ease and efficiency of EDI document parsing with Astera EDIConnect and unlock a new level of productivity for your business.



Ensure data integrity and accuracy with Astera EDIConnect’s built-in validator. Our EDI solution safeguards your database by performing comprehensive standard and custom validations on all incoming EDI files.

During the validation process, Astera EDIConnect meticulously examines the structure and schema of incoming messages, identifying any anomalies or violations of the trade partner agreement. In the event of an issue, our EDI solution promptly sends an acknowledgment to the trade partner, preventing potential translation errors down the line and saving valuable resources.

With Astera EDIConnect’s robust validation capabilities, you can rest assured that your received EDI documents are thoroughly examined, meeting the highest standards of compliance and quality.



Unlock the power of transformation and integration with Astera EDIConnect. Our EDI solution offers an extensive range of pre-built transformations and robust data mapping capabilities, empowering you to transform EDI data with ease. Whether it’s joining data, applying filters, normalizing structures, or routing information, Astera EDIConnect provides the flexibility to handle any transformation requirement efficiently.

With Astera EDIConnect’s wide array of connectors, you can seamlessly write EDI data to diverse destinations. Whether it’s a database, enterprise application, data warehousing solution, or any other target system, our EDI solution ensures smooth and reliable data transfer.

Empower your business with Astera EDIConnect and unlock new levels of efficiency in B2B data exchange.

Manage Business Transactions Faster with Astera EDIConnect

Simplify document exchange with Astera’s unified EDI solution

Combining the power of parallel processing with its high-performance EDI parser, validator, and transaction builder, our EDI solution enables seamless communication for you and your trade partners, helping you achieve EDI compliance.

Key features of Astera’s EDI Solution

Onboard Partners More Quickly

Astera EDIConnect facilitates faster trade partner onboarding by allowing the user to create detailed partner profiles and define inbound and outbound transaction maps, validation settings, custom transaction sets, and more.

Comply with any EDI Format

Astera EDIConnect’s support for all X12 and EDIFACT transaction sets, combined with the ability to define custom transaction sets, allows businesses to comply with any partner-specific EDI format.

Prevent Data Quality Errors

Validate incoming and outgoing messages for standard and custom schema and structural specifications to avoid processing delays and costs associated with the exchange of poor-quality data between trade partners.

Easily Parse and Build EDI Files

The code-free, drag-and-drop visual designer of Astera EDIConnect allows business users to parse or construct EDI messages without developer help.

Correct Mapping Errors in Real Time

Providing an instant preview of data at every step, our EDIConnect (EDI solution) allows the user to identify and correct any edi mapping errors in real time.

Send Automatic Acknowledgments

Leverage the process orchestration capabilities of Astera EDIConnect to generate functional and technical acknowledgments automatically upon receiving an EDI message.

Save Time with Process Orchestration

Streamline data exchange and free up resources by defining workflows to download or upload files, generate acknowledgments, invoke data maps, send emails, and much more with our EDI solution.

Automate EDI Exchange

With a built-in job scheduler, Astera EDIConnect allows businesses to run an EDI integration job once or repeatedly at hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly intervals or when a new EDI file is received.

Exchange Data Reliably

Send and receive EDI files using in a secure, seamless, and reliable manner using EDI-specific protocols, including AS2 and FTP, as well as via email.

Enjoy Unparalleled Performance

Designed with a focus on performance, Astera EDI service uses parallel processing and a high-performance EDI translator to split large hierarchical files into smaller workloads and offer you high parsing speeds.

Process EDI Data of Any Complexity

Join multiple data sources, perform a specific operation on a tree structure, apply a single function to multiple fields, and do much more with EDIConnect’s expansive library of pre-built transformations.

Integrate Data from Any Source

Integrate data from virtually any business system or database, in any format using EDIConnect’s wide range of connectors. The EDI solution can connect to most databases, web services, enterprise applications, data warehouses, and visualization tools.

Bridge the Information Gap between
You and Your Trading Partners

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