EDIConnect for HIPAA Integration

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The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requires the implementation of national electronic data interchange (EDI) standards for electronic health care transactions for providers, health insurance plans, and employers.

Integrating HIPAA transactions with back-end systems is a major issue facing payers and providers in the healthcare industry. HIPAA transaction integration is time consuming and complex, involving a multitude of complex variables and scenarios that require knowledge of how to build a functional map matrix for each HIPAA transaction and an understanding of electronic data interchange (EDI) structures in order to integrate this data to third-party or home-grown claims management systems.

That’s why Astera is introducing EDIConnect for HIPAA Transaction Integration. We’re the experts in complex hierarchical data integration and data mapping and our EDIConnect electronic data interchange software is the perfect solution for healthcare organizations struggling with HIPAA integration.

EDIConnect offers a full range of functionality to meet the most demanding needs for HIPAA transaction integration at a very affordable price. Key features for HIPAA-compliant translation and mapping are:

  • Advanced data transformation and validation technologies for complex HIPAA transactions
  • Full range of built-in EDI capabilities for incoming file translation and outgoing transaction construction
  • Acknowledgement generation
  • Automation and process orchestration
  • Job scheduling
  • 100% managed .NET code that provides a reliable, scalable, and secure platform
  • Familiar Microsoft drag-and-drop interface that can be used by non-developers
  • Seamless, unified environment

EDIConnect technologies include:

Translator – translates data from from disparate sources into a standardized structure that is compliant with HIPAA EDI standards. The EDIConnect Translator reads incoming EDI files containing single or multiple transactions, parses the transactions, and then translates the data and makes it available for mapping, transformation, and writing to the destination.

Transaction Builder – a powerful and intuitive tool with a visual, drag-and-drop designer for building complex, hierarchical EDI HIPAA transactions.

Unique transformation and validation technologies for building complex HIPAA transactions, including Scoped, Tree-Join, Detached, and FLWOR.

Validator – the quality of HIPAA-compliant data is critical to ensure reliability, security, and privacy. The EDIConnect Validator performs a wide array of standard and custom validations for both incoming and outgoing transactions to validate both incoming and outgoing EDI transactions.

EDI Partner Manager – defines EDI partner information and builds inbound and outbound customer
transaction maps.

For more information on EDIConnect for HIPAAA transaction integration, visit our EDIConnect web page and download our EDIConnect for HIPAA Transaction Integration datasheet.