We recently unveiled our new product Astera DW Builder, an advanced platform that accelerates and simplifies data warehouse development. Equipped with robust data warehouse automation capabilities, our unified solution follows an agile, metadata-driven approach enabling users to design, develop, and deploy data warehouses in a code-free environment.

In the months following the release of ADWB, we’ve looked to offer audiences a better perspective on modern data warehousing and the benefits of our solution through live webinars, interview sessions with data thought leaders and a variety of other content.

On October 5th, we hosted a webinar Turbocharge Data Warehouse Deployment with Automated Schema Modeling, to show our audience how automated data modeling radically accelerates the initial design of data warehouse schemas and ensures their quality during deployment and development. Popular blogger and industry speaker, James Serra, also joined us in the webinar.

In this segment from the webinar, we conducted a live demonstration of our product with QA Engineer, Shaheryar Ali, who took us on a deep dive through the solution’s usability.

He showed off various key functionalities including ADWB’s ability to reverse engineer complete data models from a source database, build relationships between data model entities, its in-depth toolbox for designing and configuring star schemas, and its ability to perform various verifications to ensure the accuracy of the data warehouse schema before forward engineering the changes to the database.

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