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Data Migration Services

Accelerate Data Migration Projects with Astera Professional Services

Is your project timeline and delivery reputation in jeopardy on account of data migration issues?

Data migration is a key component when moving to a new system built in-house or purchased from a vendor. Surveys indicate that 20 – 40% of the cost of any new system project is dedicated to migrating data from legacy systems to the new application. Employing a feature-rich data migration framework and established methodology is a far more reliable approach compared to hand-written scripts and programs using SQL, SSIS, VB, C# or Java. It greatly reduces cost, while guaranteeing timely delivery.

Astera Data Migration Team can underwrite your success!

Successful, on-time, high-quality data migration requires a coherent strategy comprised of a structured methodology, robust toolset and specialist expertise. Working with our professionals, your project SME resources will rightly focus on their critical strengths in developing requirements for sources, mapping, data transformation, error detection, and data validation. Astera’s robust methodology, combined with the feature-rich, drag-and-drop data migration capability of Centerprise, can effectively salvage the situation even late in the project, saving time, cost and frustration.

Centerprise – the tool of choice for Data Migration

Centerprise Data Integrator 5 offers critical functionality, required for rapid, accurate data migration.

  • Superb usability of the intuitive, yet powerful drag-and-drop user interface speeds up development, testing and rollout tremendously. Easy to learn, Easy to develop, Easy to deploy.
  • Extensive Data Profiling functionality allows analysis of completeness and accuracy of legacy data as well as validation of migrated data
  • Comprehensive suite of transformations supports complex, multi-source mapping rapidly and accurately
  • Out-of-the-box Data Quality functionality including dynamic look ups, range validations as well as address and name standardization and verification permits data cleansing in migration
  • Full lineage tracking and robust error detection and reporting facilitate error correction and track progress of migration effort
  • Automation support for several standard migration steps results in substantial savings of time and cost

Astera Data Migration Methodology – the key to success

Leverage the expertise of our experienced professionals in driving a structured methodology.

  • Establish data migration processes using templates and guides
  • Identify legacy sources and drive specification of requirements for data migration
  • Generate profiles of data sets and drive analytics
  • Develop, review and secure approval for mapping and transformations
  • Identify and implement data inadequacy detection rules
  • Drive data validation processes


Focus project resources, energy and attention on business functionality and requirements. Lower your data migration costs and deliver on time, within budget.